Amy Vreeman :: 5.27

Amy Vreeman

Amy Vreeman is a musician, a massage therapist, a photographer, a media editor, a pastor’s daughter, and a self-described “Jill of all trades, master of none.”

This week she released Vol. 3 of her annual tribute to Rich Mullins.

We talked with Amy a few months ago while she was finalizing Vol. 3 and we talk about her about her tributes as well as her faith and life.

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autumn film :: 5.21

autumn film

The Autumn Film consists of Latifah Phillips on keyboard and vocals, Reid Phillips on guitar, and Dann Stockton on drums. This week the band chats with Travis about their music, their hymn project Page CXVI, and working with Derek Webb.

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Music ::

Page CVXI – How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

jonathan merritt :: 5.19


When we last spoke with Jonathan Merritt, he talked about how God calls us to care for the environment. Now he’s back to tell us about his new book, ‘A Faith of Our Own,’ and how Christians should engage in politics without falling into partisanship.

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music ::

jes karper – third kind

Karla Adolphe :: 5.18

Karla Adolphe is a singer/songwriter who has work with such artists at Aaron Strumpel, Caleb Friesen, and Enter the Worship Circle. Her new album, “Honeycomb Tombs,” is about grief and how it feels to be left behind. She joins us today to share her thoughts on music, faith, and life.

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Music ::

Karla Adolphe – Graceland and Graveyards

sarah moon :: 5.10

Sarah Moon

This week’s guest is Sarah Moon. She’s a writer and student, currently attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio, pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies.

She’s a feminist and a member of BGSU’s Organization for Women’s Issues. She’s passionate about reconciling her Christian faith with feminism and helping make the church a better place for women everywhere.

This week she chats with us about feminism, faith, abuse, and making the Church a more woman-friendly place.

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Music ::

Katie Herzig – Free My Mind

bruce epperly :: 5.6

bruce epperly

This week we talk with Bruce Epperly. He’s a theologian, ordained minister, blogger and author of several books, including ‘A Holy Adventure’ and ‘Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed.’

During our chat, he shares his thoughts on process theology and what it means to live a holy adventure.

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pam hogeweide :: 5.4

pam hogeweide

pam hogeweide is the author of the new book “unladylike: resisting the injustice of inequality in the church.” today she talks about her book, and how women and men can end sexism in the church.

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music ::

admiral bob (feat. shannon hurley) – sunshine (unplugged)

joy wilson :: 4.33

joy wilson
joy wilson

this week we talk with joy wilson, who’s an author and a provocateur. joy and her husband, bud, are two life-long hippies. she is an outlaw preacher and an active participant in kairos prison ministry.

she’s recently published her book, “uncensored prayer: the spiritual practice of wrestling with god.”

she gives us a great insight into her writing and her story on this week’s podcast.

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music ::

paul haggis – disco (doontown)

nicole cottrell :: 4.29

nicole cottrell
nicole cottrell

this week we chat with modern reject, nicole cottrell.

nicole is a wife, mom and has a constant craving for something sweet. she blogs at modern rejects and this week shares some of her story with the sbpodcast tribe and shares and why she’s found the organic church model to be beneficial to her craving for sweet community.

and don’t forget – we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and messages as part of the sbpodcast 1more event. the deadline for submission is oct. 24th.

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heatherlyn :: 4.25


heatherlyn is back!

heatherlyn is a nationally touring, soul-roots-rock independent singer and song-artist. her soulful, honest, hopeful voice resonates with people from all various walks of life.

she returns to the podcast to talk about her upcoming album, storydwelling and shares some of the song writing process and the stories behind the music.

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music ::

heatherlyn – be the love