Brandon Mouser :: 7.5

Brandon Mouser and his daughter
Brandon Mouser

Could a meat loving, Domestic Divo give up eating meat for the full 40 days of Lent?

Despite not traditionally observing Lent, Brandon Mouser took the challenge of friends and decided to observe Lent this year as a vegetarian. And what he learned along the way may surprise you – and may challenge you as well.


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Don Johnson :: 7.4

We all seem to be sharing photos more and more on more and more devices. The technology is changing rapidly but the ideas behind great photography remains.

To find out more, this week we chat with photographer and community journalist Don Johnson.

Don talks about his history with photography and what gives a photo value.


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Joshua Becker :: 7.3

joshua becker

This week we talk with minimalist blogger and author Joshua Becker.

Joshua and his family live outside Phoenix, Arizona and he writes and speaks about his journey towards becoming a minimalist full time – a shift since we first spoke in 2011.

This week, Joshua talks about his new book, “Clutter Free with Kids” and how following a minimalist lifestyle can improve our life in general as well as make us better parents in the long run.


Becoming Minimalist
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Clutter Free with Kids
Our first chat with Joshua

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Cameron Sinclair :: 7.2


This week we talk with history professor Cameron Sinclair about why history matters and how we can break down some of the old stereotypes through story.

Cameron is a professor at Brookhaven College in Dallas and co-hosts the History Banter podcast with Brad Folsom.

He’s also a graduate student working on a PhD in History at the University of North Texas. Generally, he’s most interested in the histories of the United States and Mexico during the 19th century but specifically Texas after the Civil War.


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Brookhaven College
Homebrewed Christianity

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Angus Mathie :: 7.1


It’s time to kick off a new year and a new season of the something beautiful podcast!

It feels really good to finally type that.

2013 was a year of fun, ups, downs, lefts and rights and if the first three weeks are any indication, 2014 will be as well.

This week’s podcast features Angus Mathie, father to Thomas Mathie who has been a part of the podcast from day one.

Angus is a retired telecommunications worker who has a tremendous passion both for his faith and his family.

He and his wife Elizabeth have been married for almost 42 years and he lives in Glasgow, near Thomas and his family.

During this podcast, we talk about his journey and a tragedy he experienced early on in his marriage that could have ripped their marriage a part but ultimately made them stronger for it.

As mentioned during the podcast, we plan to release a podcast twice a month this year. The podcasts will run from 10-20 minutes to hopefully give you plenty of time to listen to each episode either on your commute, walking the dog or running errands with your family. In addition, we’ll share the extended interviews with our guests for many of the episodes.

We hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey as we hope to truly share stories worth talking about.

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Cooper Taylor :: 6.10

Cooper Taylor

On April 3, 2012, the city of Forney, Texas (home of the something beautiful podcast) was struck by an F3 tornado. The storm damaged homes across the city but specifically the tornado tore across an 8-mile stretch of land, running right through the Diamond Creek Subdivision.

After watching the tornado take shape and touchdown from his office, Cooper Taylor and his co-workers immediately took off to survey the damage. What they saw led them to spring into action and opened the doors of c|Life Church as a central hub for all donations for storm relief and recover. What was just an instinct reaction, became Cooper’s full-time focus for the next several months.

Hear some of Cooper’s story on this week’s podcast.

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A couple tweets from friends of Cooper after they heard he was going to be interviewed for the sbpodcast:

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David Hayward :: 6.9

David Hayward

David Hayward has a lot to say about religion – especially Christianity. Since 2006 he’s been turning to pen and paper to share his struggles, critiques and criticisms of issues he’s seen after 20+ years in the ministry.

His daily blog and comic, The Naked Pastor, explores religion, religious community and spirituality.

On this week’s podcast we’ll get a glimpse into what led him to trade in the pulpit for a pen and paper.

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Joe Noland :: 6.8

Joe Noland
Joe Noland

Joe Noland feels like he was born 40 years too early. In his 70’s he’s engaged with technology in ways that many people half his age only hope to be.

He’s a retired officer in the Salvation Army and using his knowledge and experience to help launch a new online network,

Find out what’s inspired him to “go for it” on this week’s podcast.

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Keri Lehmann :: 6.7


From cosmetologist to a founder and CEO of her own beauty care line, Keri Lehmann talks about what led her into starting her own company and what inspires the products she creates.

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