Courtney Carver :: 6.6


After 20 years of working in publishing and marketing, you’d think Courtney Carver would have bought into the messages she was pitching. But in 2006 she gave it up to Be More With Less.

Find out what inspired her to make the change and what inspires her today on her journey on this week’s podcast.

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Roman Mars :: 6.5

Roman Mars | Photo via
Roman Mars | Photo via

Roman Mars makes radio (or so his Tumblr says). He’s a public radio producer and reporter and specializes in launching new public radio programs.

He may be best known for his radio show/podcast 99% Invisible but he also manages the Public Radio Remix from PRX and has worked for/with Snap Judgment, The Kitchen Sisters, The Third Coast International Audio Festival, WBEZ, KALW News, APM.

We caught up with him at SXSW and talked to him about his inspiration behind 99% Invisible.

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Dale Zak :: 6.4

Dale Zak

This week we talk with mobile software developer Dale Zak.

Dale is passionate about using his software and technology to make the world a better place for others. Along with a number of other projects, Dale is gearing up to launch a new mobile app, OneStory, which will make creating and sharing the stories of friends and family members a much easier process right from our mobile phones.

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Randy Hoyt :: 6.3

Randy Hoyt
Randy Hoyt

What would a philosophy major, turned web developer, turned educator do in his spare time? Why create a board game of course!

Find out what inspired Randy Hoyt to create his new board game, Relic Expedition, on this week’s podcast.

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Kevin Hendricks :: 6.2


We kick off our new format with a friend of the podcast – Kevin Hendricks.

Kevin read 137 books last year – and then wrote a book about it. Listen to hear what inspires him.


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Lindsey Markelz ::5.32


Just in time for the holidays, we talk with Lindsey Markelz, the C.E.O. of

Prior to starting CharityGiftMarket, Lindsey served as the founding director UrbanPromise International and spent time working with the Peace Corps in the Republic of Kiribati.

As part of her work with UrbanPromise International and Peace Corps she’s helped prepare young leaders to begin their own community-based non-profits and now she works to help non-profits raise funds through

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Jonny Rose :: 5.31


This week Johnny Laird returns to the podcast to interview his friend, Jonny Rose.

Rose is a resident of Croydon, England who’s committed to the economic, social and spiritual well-being of Croydon and its inhabitants.

He shares his story and out of it we hear his love for his local community and how he’s using social media to foster, strengthen and empower the community. Rose is also involved with the Croydon Tech City and the Purley 2.0 Project, a project meant to increase the digital literacy and participation of people in the local community. The aim is to empower them, make their voices heard and to affect real change in the community.

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Rick Walker :: 5.30

Rick Walker
Rick Walker

This week we talk with Rick Walker. Rick is a father and adjunct faculty member at Richland College in Dallas. He teachers broadcast media and has worked in media for more than 25 years, hosting YouthWake, Lighthouse 21 and now PowerTalk in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Lighthouse 21 was voted best Christian broadcast in Dallas by the Dallas Observer. And the show was unique in that it was one of the first Christian shows in the nation to converge several media technologies in one show – providing a live internet stream of the radio broadcast, live chat room and a television show.

Rick shares his history with media and his plans for the future as he recently passed the bar exam and was licensed to practice law.

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Thomas Mathie – The Fellowship of the Tribe :: 5.29

Thomas Mathie

This week we bring you something a little different. We’re sharing thoughts Thomas recently shared at the Airdrie Salvation Army’s Men’s Fellowship – on fellowship.

What are you thoughts on fellowship?

Where do you find it most?