[sbpodcast wrap] jonathan merritt :: 5.20


This week we talk about gun control, politics and how it all plays out in our lives as we discuss our interview with Jonathan Merritt… and then it all goes off the rails…

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Black Keys
Andre Lafosse
The Proclaimers

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Carl Medearis – Speaking of Jesus

[sbpodcast wrap] karen hammons :: 5:17

This week we discuss our interview with Karen Hammons.

We discuss being hopeful or skeptic about the church, being cheerleaders of people and how our experiences teach us to care for one another.

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Holy Adventure – Bruce Epperly
The Wisdom of Stability – Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

[sbpodcast wrap] brian oakes :: 5:15

This week Thomas and Jonathan discuss our interview with Brian Oakes.

They also talk about balancing funding and passion, finding community and fellowship and rap music.

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The Gift – Lewis Hyde
Getting Things Done – David Allen
Short Stories – HPLovecraft
The Hobbit – JR Tolkien
Finding Our Way Again – Brian McLaren
Good Idea. Now What? – Charles Lee

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Algorithms – Apta
Even Though We Sleep – Stray Theories
True Defiance – Demon Hunter
Here – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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To the Sky – Apta

[sbpodcast wrap] john saddington :: 5:13

This week Travis and Jonathan discuss our episode with John Saddington and what redeeming technology could look like. We also decide that Thomas has the best Scottish cowboy impersonation.

Also in this episode you’ll hear two brief clips Thomas and Jonathan made with the Songify app. We invite you to do better! We’re pretty sure you can. Simply download the FREE Songify app for iOS or Android and create away.

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Ed Dobson – A Year of Living Like Jesus
Charles Lee – Good Idea. Now What.
Henri J. M. Nouwen – The Return of the Prodigal Son

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Karla Adolphe

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Lisa Von H – In, Out…

[sbpodcast wrap] sarah moon :: 5:11

This week we kick off a new experiment with the podcast – a new bi-monthly wrap-up of each of the stories we hear on our podcast.

We’ll keep bringing you the great stories with our podcast followed the next week by a wrap-up and blether from our co-hosts and others in the sbpodcast tribe.

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The Sing Team
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Young Oceans
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Faithful Citizenship by Greg Garrett
Mark for Everyone by N.T. Wright
From Here to Eternity by Frank Viola
The Shack by William Young