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update:Andrew Jones is now with Bones Jones at the hostel in Accra. He is very weak but healthy. We are now working on flights to reunite the family in North Carolina as soon as possible.

Podcast family –

Please consider making a donation to help the Andrew Jones family.

As you may remember, we talked with Andrew in episode 2.5.

And the entire Jones family has been an inspiration to many as they’ve worked diligently to bring heaven to earth to people around the world.

Andrew’s wife, Debra (or Mum Jones to many) passed away earlier this week and as the latest update we’ve heard, Andrew is still recovering from illness in the hospital.

From Facebook:

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I announce the passing of our beloved sister and fellow warrior Debra Jones. She died June 15th of kidney failure in Gambi Hospital in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia. She was on a journey loving people in ways that always stretched our capacity and blew our imagination.

The funds gathered will be a love offering to help them with travel costs, funeral accommodations, food, and time together.

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Clean Water for Elirose

Ariah Fine has just published his second book – a children’s book – “Clean Water for Elirose.”

His first novel, “Giving Up” deals with a number of justice issues and his latest book, continues with the same theme but shares it in an easy to understand way for younger children — alongside great illustrations by Don Robb.

The book tells the story of Maria and her friends and how they join together to build a clean water well for Elirose.

Amazing how stories can simplify so many complicated ideas — isn’t it? 😉

The book also includes a brief discussion guide to help you and your children discuss the issues together.

You can order a copy of the book today – and a portion of the proceeds go to help build a clean water well through charity:water.

Order the book.

And if you’d like to see the book before you buy… can also read the entire book right from your computer screen – right now.

What’s even cooler — is the book is now available with a Pay-What-You-Can model. So you can pay $3 for the book or $50 and know that what you’re giving goes to make a difference in the lives of others this Advent season.

And finally….

Ariah is also giving away one book a day from Dec. 1st to Dec. 15th. And there are a few ways to enter each day:

  • Like the Clean Water for Elirose Facebook Page:
  • Refer someone to “Like” The facebook page (proven by them posting your name on our wall as the person who referred them)
  • Follow [twitter]WaterForElirose[/twitter] on Twitter
  • Tweet or post on Facebook about Clean Water for Elirose linking back to the website, facebook or twitter page
  • Blog about Clean Water for Elirose on your blog (counts as two entries) – And you might want to post it on our Facebook or email just so he doesn’t miss it

Kari McHam and Jana Vanderburg keep at it

Porcelain Dolls
Porcelain Dolls

Just in time for Valentines day…

Our friends Kari McHam and Jana Vanderburg have just put together a short video detailing some of the work their doing — caring for and loving on the women in Waco’s adult entertainment industry.

As Kari shared on our show last year, through Porcelain Dolls, they’ve built a number of real relationships with the “un-loved” in their community and have witnessed some serious life changes in some of the women as well.

Over the weekend the girls took part in a Valentine’s Day outreach and also recently gave away 3 computers to several girls who are trying to further their education.

Watch the video and consider how you might get involved to help…

Find out more on Facebook, Myspace or donate online.

You can also listen to Kari’s story and Jana’s story on the podcast.

Who in your community needs this kind of love and caring?

Ways to give aid for Haitian Relief

The following groups are on the ground and offering relief after the earthquake in Haiti yesterday.

Disasters Emergency Committee (UK):

One Day’s Wages:

Salvation Army (US):

Haiti Reborn:

Church World Services:

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:

Direct Relief International

World Vision:

Bright Hope:

UMC Disaster Response:


Christian Aid:


Mercy Corps:

American Red Cross:

United Church of Christ:

Doctors Without Borders:

Disciple’s Week of Compassion:

Episcopal Relief:

Reformed Church in America:


Habitat For Humanity:

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund:

My good buddy Chris Allman is currently next door to Haiti in the Dominican Republic. You can read some of his thoughts on his blog:

Additionally just received word from Brandt Russo that all of the proceeds from Cant Ignore The Poor will go to Haitian Disaster Relief through

HT to [twitter]brianmerritt[/twitter] for assembling the majority of this list

national human trafficking awareness month

i am not for sale.
you are not for sale.
no one should be for sale.

january is national human trafficking awareness month. a time for each of us to not only educate ourselves about the issues of modern slavery, but to raise awareness to our friends and family members and to do what we can to end all forms of human slavery.

trafficking is…
to be taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into
slavery for sexual exploitation, sweat shops, child brides, circuses,
sacrificial worship, forced begging, sale of human organs, farm
labour, domestic servitude. 80% of all victims are women and girls,
50% are children.

trafficking is…
where family members and friends deceive parents to release their
them on to local gangmasters or serious organised international
trafficking rings.

trafficking is…
growing. 2–4 MILLION men, women and children are TRAFFICKED
across borders and within their own country EVERY YEAR. more
than one PERSON is trafficked across borders EVERY MINUTE,
which is equivalent to five JUMBO JETS every day. a trade that
earns twice as much worldwide revenue as Coca Cola.

trafficking is…
where victims usually suffer repeated physical abuse, fear, torture
and threats to families to break their spirits and turn them into
saleable commodities. a person can be sold and trafficked
many times.

charles lee and one voice to end slavery offers up 11 practical ideas to combat slavery.

we also invite you to educate yourself :: listen to amanda kloer talk about her life as an abolitionist

#justicefriday :: Slave free Christmas

Light a candle

Already seeing Christmas/Advent decorations and sales at your local stores? Wanting to make a difference this year and ensure your purchases are slave free?

Be sure and check out NightLight’s and NotForSale’s online stores for products made by (and supporting) former slaves.

Both groups have some great jewelry and products for men, women and children.

Some info on NightLight:

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Isaiah 9:2

NightLight is an international organization committed to addressing the complex issues surrounding trafficking and prostitution by catalyzing individual and community transformation. NightLight’s vision is to offer intervention to sexually exploited women and children, to enable them to discover their dignity, and to provide a program of holistic transformation, empowering them to live and work in their community.

NightLight’s mission is to build relationships and provide hope, intervention, rescue and assistance to women and children exploited in the sex industry by offering alternative employment, vocational opportunities, life-skills training and physical, emotional and spiritual development to women seeking freedom. NightLight builds support networks internationally to intervene and assist women, men and children whose lives are negatively impacted by the sex industry.

In Bangkok, Nightlight operates as a business (NightLight Design, Co. Ltd) and a non-profit (NightLight Foundation). In the United States, NightLight operates as a 501c3 with branches in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Visit the NightLight store.

Visit the Not For Sale Campaign store.

UPDATE: Julie Clawson has a number of additional resources shared on her blog

Help the Joneses

A friend of the podcast, Andrew Jones, has put out a call for help and we hope our listeners will take a few minutes to read and respond.

Andrew Jones video via Bill Kinnon:

From Andrew’s blog…

Urgent Appeal: 5 Ways To Help the Jones Family
Thanks everyone for your suggestions on getting supported and on our way to the next 25 countries. So much opportunity. . . so little funds. You know how it is, especially in this financial crunch when things have dried up. We have just lost a huge amount of support and need to make it up really quickly. In fact, we really need a chunk this week for visas, ferry tickets and diesel so that we can continue.
Special thanks to Shannon Hopkins of Matryoshka Haus, who has generously allowed us to use her 501c3 account at Givezooks. We have launched a campaign called “Friends of the Jones Family” which we think will be a good short term solution.


1. Put a widget on your blog. Clicking on the widget will take people to our special campaign.

Widget code:

<iframe src="" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: initial; width: 200px; height: 187px;"></iframe>

2. Tell your church. They might have a mission fund that is looking for more opportunities. They can contact me directly about having me speak at their church to share what God is doing around Europe and beyond.

3. Join our email list and receive the top secret updates on our journey, adventures, prayer requests, and updates. Request it and I will put you on the list. This is the best way to see exactly what we are up to and where your funds are going.

4. Give. Yeah! You can use Givezooks or send me an email if you would like to support us directly or in a different way. tallskinnykiwi [at] gmail [dot] com

We hope you’ll consider doing what you can to help the Jones family continue on their mission. Thanks!

Tell Hershey to go Fair Trade



Right now, thousands of young children are held in slavery in Western Africa, harvesting the cocoa that is used to produce chocolate for many of the worlds largest candy companies. These children are beaten, raped, forced to work with untreated wounds, and denied access to schooling and medical care. They are not allowed to leave and are threatened daily with violence. They are child slaves producing what should be a delicious and simple joy of childhood: chocolate.

The best way to free these children and end child slavery in the chocolate industry is for major chocolate companies like Hershey to buy Fair Trade Certified cocoa. Other large chocolate companies like Cadbury and Mars have recently made the decision to end child slavery in Africa; it’s time for Hershey to do the same.

Sign the petition to ask Hershey to buy Fair Trade chocolate – or find out more

Purchase calling cards to help the victims of slave trade


Through differing relationships we (together) have been presented with the opportunity to help 42 labor trafficking survivors make ongoing and necessary phone calls with their families in Indonesia, Dominican Republic, and the Philippians.
Continue reading Purchase calling cards to help the victims of slave trade

justice friday

today (and every friday) is justice friday on the web…

what is it? it is a day that different people “tweet” about, blog about, facebook about, and generally raise awareness for all sorts of justice issues. from human trafficking to malaria, all sorts of justice issues are raised, with the end goal of generating awareness and action. the point is not just to share statistics, the point is to help other people understand the great justice issues of our day, and how they can respond and act to bring justice.

you can get involved in a couple of ways:

  1. follow the action by searching the hashtag #justicefriday on twitter – read the tweets. (here’s how hashtags work…)
  2. tweet, blog, update your facebook status and also retweet (repost) stats, info, and facts about your favorite justice issues. do you have a favorite organization like the IJM or not for sale or compassion? follow them on twitter and retweet their info for the rest of us! there are lots of ways to get involved. remember to use the #justicefriday hashtag.

what injustices are you passionate about? what would you like to see your friends and family and others become more aware of and involved in?

HT to exagorazo for the info.