Kevin Hendricks’ Birthday Wish :: clean water

Kevin Hendricks is a man on a(nother) mission… after spending time in Ethiopia this March to pick up his newly adopted son Milo, he’s witnessed the water crises there first hand and he’s hoping to make a difference with his 30th birthday.

Kevin writes ::

In late March 2009 we traveled to Ethiopia to bring home our son Milo. While there, we witnessed the reality of unclean water:

  • Time and time again we saw the people of Ethiopia carrying these 5 gallon jerry cans, often walking hours to muddy water holes for their daily supply of tainted water.
  • Milo came home with giardia, a water-borne intestinal parasite common among people with no access to clean water.
  • I fell sick for a day, stricken down by water unintentionally consumed either in the shower or from rinsed dishes. Thankfully it was a mild case (yay for meds!).

We know firsthand what a lack of clean water can do.

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kevinhair2009If we can give clean water to 30 people in 30 days for my 30th birthday,
I’ll shave my head.

That’s $600
for charity: water
by June 13 and
I’ll shave my head.

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So here’s the deal: I’m turning 30 in 30 days and I need your help to celebrate. There are more than a billion people in this world who don’t have easy access to clean, safe drinking water. To celebrate my big 3-0, I want to give 30 people clean water.

It’s not much, a drop in the bucket so to speak. But to those 30 people it would mean life.

The nonprofit charity: water can give one person clean water for 20 years for about $20. So giving clean water to 30 people will cost $600. That’s a pretty big chunk of change, but with your help, I think we can do it.

So help me celebrate my 30th birthday by raising $600 in 30 days and giving clean water to 30 people.

Oh, and if we can do it, I’ll shave my head. Welcome to the Bald Birthday Benefit 2009.

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Just think, if each of our listeners gave $5, we would push Kevin over his mark and provide clean, fresh water for 30 people in Africa!

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helping the homeless in ellis county

this week on the show we’ll talk with Joy Ranton, executive director for Daniel’s Den in Waxahachie, Texas. Joy shared several needs she has right now at the shelter before our scheduled interview. we encourage you to read over the list and see if there are ways you may be able to help. if you’re interested please contact us via the listener line or email.

Always, first and foremost…prayers. I applied for a grant in January that we will hear about in May. If it is still under consideration, it is in the final review phase right now. If we receive it, we will be able to provide increased services (day care, counseling etc.) and some type of housing assistance for men. Please pray about that specifically.

Material needs: Chicken, ground meat, coffee filters, creamer, laundry baskets (6 Large), baby bed and mattress, twin bed frame (no headboard), gas stove, new front screen door (metal, solid bottom, screen top), men’s jeans (32 & 34 x miscellaneous), large backpacks (for men), rain ponchos, small ladder…yada, yada, yada.

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joy shares Daniel’s Den story on YouTube

Compassion Bloggers heading to India

Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.

Shaun Groves and eight others are about to embark on another Compassion Bloggers trip. Sunday they’ll be meeting up in Chicago and heading off to India to report on the work Compassion International is doing there.

We’d like to ask all of our listeners to join these bloggers in their journey.

Here’s ther assignment – straight from Shaun:

1. Pray: Already there have been small setbacks as we prepare to depart for India. A couple bloggers are already dealing with minor illness. All of us are leaving someone we love behind. All of us are a little nervous about the long hours of travel. The twelve hour time difference will hit us hard once we arrive. The heat will threaten dehydration. Typhoid, meningitis, and other ailments are not uncommon in the areas we will be visiting. So there is a great deal to be prayed through believing that God is listening, powerful and present with us.

2. Follow: We’ve made it as easy as we can for the world to read every post, see every picture and watch every video from this trip daily. A snippet of every post, every pic and video will be uploaded to this page. A Facebook group has been created not only to generate prayer and encouragement for our bloggers but also to share links to posts, pics and videos. A few of us will be attempting to use Twitter while in India. Here are our addresses:

We will also be using the hashtag #CompassionIndia to mark every tweet. Searching for that on Twitter should bring up all of our tweets for easy perusal. This is the link to the trip’s RSS feed. Subscribing to the feed will send a snippet of every post from every blogger to your RSS reader.

– If you’d prefer to follow the trip by visiting each blog here are their addresses:

Pete Wilson –
Melissa Fitzpatrick –
Angela Smith –
Robin Dance –

Keely Scott –

Anne Jackson –

Spence Smith –
Patricia Jones –
Shaun Groves –

3. Link:
Share any of the links above with your readers.
ReTweet on Twitter.
Invite your Facebook friends to join our group.
Post a widget in your sidebar:
Or a banner:
Please link the banners to

4. Encourage:
Leave a comment for our bloggers or drop them an e-mail letting them know you’re reading. Give us some feedback. Sometimes, on these trips, bloggers begin to wonder if what they’re doing is connecting with anyone. Let them know when it does!

The response to this trip is already greater than to any other we’ve taken. These bloggers are incredible communicators, huge fans of Compassion’s ministry, and are already having great impact with their words. Please help them release more children from poverty by praying, following, linking and encouraging them between now and May 2nd. Thank you in advance for all you’ll do for the children of India.

And thank you for using your on-line voice to speak for children in the developing world.

There you have it. Join the conversation and see God’s Kingdom at work.

50 ways to love your neighbor

From Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (via Sojorners)

With the National Day of Prayer coming up (May 7), a lot of folks around the country are organizing prayer services in church sanctuaries and town halls. We’re all for getting together to say prayers — but we’re also challenged by the ways scripture stirs us to become the answer to our prayers. So we decided to start a little campaign. Here are 50 ways – some little, some bigger — that we can start to be the church we pray for. If you can join us in committing to do at least one of these things between now and May 7, consider yourself a member of the movement and share the list with your friends. Maybe we’re a little late for a national organizing committee — but, then again, maybe we don’t need one. May the Spirit spread its truth like kudzu, and may God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

  1. Fast for the 2 billion people who live on less than a dollar a day.
  2. Contact your local crisis pregnancy center and invite a pregnant woman to live with your family.
  3. Ask your pastor if someone on your church’s sick list would like a visit.
  4. Join an open AA meeting and befriend someone there.
  5. Adopt a child.
  6. Mow your neighbor’s grass.
  7. Volunteer to tutor a kid at your local elementary school. (Try to get to know the kid’s family.)
  8. Grow your own tomatoes — and share them.
  9. Ask a small group in your community to meet regularly for intercessory prayer.
  10. Build a wheel chair ramp for someone who is homebound.

Read the rest of the list.

UPDATED LINK :: Read the rest of the list.

prayer for those suffering

Last night, Lindsay Cofield’s mother passed away. Services are expected to be held Thursday morning in Hope, Arkansas.

Also, overnight Jonathan’s grandfather passed away. Services are expected to be held Friday afternoon in Mesquite, Texas.

We are thankful to know that God suffers with those who suffer. Please pray that he brings comfort and peace to both of these families. And we rejoice that He is already doing so.

help Tall Skinny Kiwi share God’s story

andrew jones serves up some meat

as we heard in episode 2.5, tall skinny kiwi is getting ready to head out on a cross-European adventure with his family in the tall skinny kiwi mobile.

the missional tribe is rallying around TSK to help him purchase a new camera, boom mic and other equipment so he can better tell the story of God across Europe on his journeys this year.

Bill Kinnon writes:

At Missional Tribe and elsewhere, we are raising funds to equip the Jones’ family with a great small AVCHD camera, monopod, shotgun mic, handheld mic and mini camera audio mixer. Andrew already has the editing facility on his Mac laptop. The film One Size Fits All, shot with a more expensive but less capable camera than what we are proposing, shows the power of well told stories. We can expect great stories from the Jones’ family, as well.

if you’d like to help out, simply use the widget below:

for more, read what Steve Knight and Johnny Baker have to say.

Helping a friend in need

Got a call from Brad Vanderburg tonight and he informed me that they’ve just about settled on a new lead singer for their band, Shatter Me.

The young man, Donavon, just called Brad to inform him that one of his dear friends, Taylor was in a bad car accident over the weekend and is now in the hospital with severe brain injury.

Brad said things don’t look good for Taylor.

The Vanderburg’s are hoping to pool some money together to help Taylor’s family in this time of crisis. If you’re interested in helping, please click the button below and we’ll get the funds to the Vanderburgs ASAP. (As a note, the donation will likely show Refugee on the PayPal page)

UPDATE :: Talked to Brad this morning, he said Taylor is still in a coma and there’s no evidence of change. He will be stopping by the hospital later this morning to see him and meet with the family.

Thanks in advance!

Having trouble with the link? Click here.

If you’d prefer sending a check, please drop us an email and we’ll send you the mailing address.