grace bombs

From time to time, there are needs, hurts and pains that come to our attention from the broad sbpodcast family.

We would like to pray for these needs and offer encouragement through collective Grace Bombs.

The idea of a Grace Bomb comes from Pastor Nar and the Outlaw Preachers:

A Grace Bomb is a collection of audio and video messages that we record, sharing our hearts, thoughts and prayers for someone in a time of need. (An example of the first Grace Bomb can be found here. After the videos are recorded and uploaded with a specific ‘tag’ (usually the recepient’s Twitter handle) to, on a set day we ‘drop the bomb’ on the recipients. We typically try to do this without the their knowledge – but sometimes that is not possible.

The thought of creating a video may be intimidating to some, but it is actually quite simple these days with our laptops and smart phones. Seeing you and hearing your voice has a great impact on the recipient. If you are uncomfortable creating a video, you can still participate in sharing your love by calling our listener line (either via your phone or Skype) and leaving a recorded message of whatever length you like. We will take the recorded messages and create a video for you.

Instructions for Video Participants:

1. Record a video on your computer, phone, Flip or any other video-recording device.

2. Upload your video to (If you don’t already have a Vimeo account, it is simple to set up.)

3. In the process of uploading your video, you will find a section called “Tags” – this is necessary for the search function to populate all the videos on one page. A specific ‘tag’ for each individual Grace Bomb will be provided when we call for the Grace Bomb.

4. A specific date will be provided when we will ‘drop the bomb.’

5. For those of you who may be uncomfortable with this process, you have the option of emailing your video to me and I will upload them for you. You may also utilize DropBox if you desire. My email is:

Instructions for Audio Participants:

1. Call our listener line and leave a recorded message. The number is 972.535.8980 – or on Skype, simply leave a message for jdblundell.

2. Email us a photo of yourself so that we can include it while your message is playing in the compilation video. In your email, please identify the phone number from which you called so we can match it to your voice message.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

(HT Pastor Nar for this idea and most of these instructions.P)