catching up :: 1.11

for episode 1.11 thomas and jonathan spend some time talking about culture, metaphors of the church and catch up after thomas’ holiday and summer camp.

let us know what metaphors you’ve found useful in describing the church, christianity and the church body. drop us an email or leave a comment here.

music ::
bodies of water – doves circle
great lake swimmers – i am part of a large family
stefsax – i like it like that(s.thaens)
mike doughty – thank you Lord, for sending me the f train
cold war kids – tonight you belong to me

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duncan mcfadzean :: 1.10

this week thomas chats with duncan mcfadzean who’s wrapping up his career in the secular finance world to head a start-up ministry – seven men. the ministry is based around the concept of micro-financing and supporting the marginalized.

from the seven men site:

Seven Men Limited is a new vehicle created to launch, invest in, and nurture small businesses for the purpose of bringing freedom, justice and restoration to the city of Edinburgh and around the world.

By launching a series of businesses across a range of sectors, Seven Men Limited will seek to create a sustainable flow of profits that can be used for good.

july 31st actually marks duncan’s last day at the Bank of Scottland – so have a listen to the podcast and then drop by his site and wish him luck on his new ministry and outreach.

music ::
son lux – break 1
spiritualized – shine a light
solomon’s porch – kingdom come

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micah davis :: 1.9

this week we talk with micah davis, one of the co-founders and the lead techie behind is a networking site for people of faith to find and build relationships and community with folks of similar interests and passions within their natural and existing offline communities. we talk about the origination of the site as well as the importance of community for people of faith.

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music ::
jukebox the ghost – good day
williamson – cool people make me tired
sixpence none the richer – amazing grace (give it back)

Kevin D. Hendricks :: 1.8

this week we talk with kevin d. hendricks of church marketing sucks fame. kevin shares some of the ideas behind the website as well as some of his current experiences with adoption and living a simpler life.

music ::
hollyfelds – it’s a good thing
hearts of palm – no water here
derek webb – savior on capital hill
coldplay – death will never conquer

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fred blundell :: 1.7

fred blundell

this week jonathan calls up his dad, fred blundell, to discuss his faith, his walk with God and the impact God has made on his life.

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music ::
son lux – a sunday smile (remix)
psalters – scarf dance
drakkar sauna – river of jordan
jes karper – my country tis of thee

jamie moffett :: 1.6

this week we talk with jamie moffett, a filmmaker who’s currently working on “the ordinary radicals” – a movie looking at some of the many stories of “ordinary radicals” around the united states. we caught up with moffett while he’s currently filming and touring the united states alongside the “Jesus for president tour

from the ordinary radical’s website ::

In the margins of the United States, there lives a revolutionary Christianity. One with a quiet disposition that seeks to do “small things with great love,” and in so doing is breaking 21st Century stereotypes surrounding this 2000 year old faith. “The Ordinary Radicals” is set against thie modern American political and social backdrop of the next Great Awakening.

the latest trailer for the movie ::

UPDATE: View the Documentary online for FREE

music ::
nevereven – girard ave
nowhere boys – twenty-first century
anne weiss – buddhas on the road
jes karper – try on life

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lindsay cofield :: 1.5

lindsay cofield

this week we talk with pastor and church planter lindsay cofield. lindsay pastors an organic church in lancaster, texas and heads up also, we announce the two winners of our shawn mcdonald cd.

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