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this week we chat with aaron aiken and discuss ideas on how we can rethink our finances to live simpler, be a better steward of your money and break the bondage of debt. aaron and his wife lindsay, run the where you are now website which features a blog, videos and a weekly podcast all focused on helping people make better decisions related to their money and finances.

from the site ::

Where You Are Now is a personal finance website with principles that can apply to your finances no matter where you are now in your life. Its articles will be easy to understand and simple at the heart because we are not financial guru’s or professional advisers, we are just like you; people learning how to better manage our money as we live life. So, wherever you are now (high school, college, married with kids) we hope that the information you find here is helpful and enlightening.

so listen in and then take a few seconds to leave a story about what you’re doing to rethink your finances either in the comments section below or by calling our listener line :: 972.535.8980.

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