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brandt russo

happy birthday to the something beautiful podcast!

our official “birthday” was May 24, 2008 but we’re celebrating a couple days early and over the next few weeks. so listen in as the newest member to our team, stewart, shares some of his favorite points of year one. over the next couple weeks, thomas and jonathan will do the same.

also this week we talk to brandt russo. brandt’s one of those guys who tends to take the things Jesus says — literally — especially those parts about loving the poor and selling all your possessions so you can give more to the poor.

only a few years ago, brandt decided to take Jesus at his word and sold all his goods and moved onto the streets caring for the homeless and the poor. since then he’s been featured in the ordinary radicals (jamie moffett’s movie), started his own t-shirt company (can’t ignore the poor) to help benefit the poor and is working on his own documentary recounting his year of living on the streets and the plight of the poor and homeless.

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