duncan mcfadzean :: 1.10

this week thomas chats with duncan mcfadzean who’s wrapping up his career in the secular finance world to head a start-up ministry – seven men. the ministry is based around the concept of micro-financing and supporting the marginalized.

from the seven men site:

Seven Men Limited is a new vehicle created to launch, invest in, and nurture small businesses for the purpose of bringing freedom, justice and restoration to the city of Edinburgh and around the world.

By launching a series of businesses across a range of sectors, Seven Men Limited will seek to create a sustainable flow of profits that can be used for good.

july 31st actually marks duncan’s last day at the Bank of Scottland – so have a listen to the podcast and then drop by his site and wish him luck on his new ministry and outreach.

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son lux – break 1
spiritualized – shine a light
solomon’s porch – kingdom come

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