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John Saddington

This week we talk with blogger, entrepreneur and “netizen” John Saddington.

John started his technology career coding games on a Commodore 64 and went on to work for several Fortune 50 companies before heading out on his own through starting a number of start-ups, including 8bit – the company behind Standard Theme (among other things).

John is also nearing the completion of his Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and spends time coaching bloggers and others through his blog, Tentblogger, as well as one on one. Through it all he continues to explore the art of digital publishing and science of human capital.

During our chat, John talks about the importance of experimenting and being entrepreneurial in both business and the church and finding ways to redeem technology and the tools around us for the Kingdom.

And of course, what would be a chat with John Saddington without some background on Standard Theme?

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