luke harms (pt 2) :: 5.3

this week we continue our talk with US army veteran luke harms.

harms served in both iraq and afghanistan as a member of the US army and then returned to afghanistan as a civilian contractor.

harms shares his unique perspective on the war and the military meta-narrative and the struggle he faced adjusting from living in a combat zone to civilian life.

be sure and listen to part 1 of luke’s story if you haven’t already.

things to consider as you listen ::

what does it mean to be a maker of peace?
do you agree that by viewing one group as sub-human, it enables us to view anyone as sub-human?
how has guilt played a part in your journey?
how can we better process guilt and tragedy in our lives and the lives of those around us?
how has nationalism and/or american exceptionalism shaped your view of the current war on terror?

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music ::

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