mark berry :: 2.11


Thomas gets back in the game this week with part 1 of his interview with Mark Berry.

Marks is the pioneer leader for Safe Space, an emerging Missional community in Telford, Shropshire.

The group describes themselves as a ::

safe space to : breath : think : seek : reflect : question : listen : watch : wait : pray : journey : hold : doubt : explore : speak : eat : walk : stop : relax : feel : touch : love : scream : cry : laugh : run : hide : try : hope : reach for god :

Mark’s also active in the ownership of the local football (soccer for US listeners) team and shares some of the lessons he’s learned for the church while actively participating in the sport, as well as other areas he’s been involved in.

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music ::
bodies of water – gold tan peach and grey
great lake swimmers – your rocky spine
scrapiron – amazing grace done right

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