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mike rusch
Mike Rusch

this week we talk to Mike Rusch, husband, father, follower, and one of the co-founder of the Cobblestone Project, a community movement in northwest Arkansas.

from the Cobblestone website:

The Cobblestone Project was founded in April 2008 by families who were committed to stepping forward to make a meaningful difference in their community. The motivation of this movement to action was the belief that every person has a unique and immeasurable value by virtue of their shared human story. These families believe that this human story is defined by a movement towards the restoration of the image that all people were created in. They believe that every human heart deserves dignity, respect and the opportunity to fully realize their beauty.

When a community of people engages together in bringing to light those whose image can not fully be achieved, true change begins to take place.

The dream of the Cobblestone Project is to work towards

“A Community Without Need”

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