The Passion :: 5.9

Dawn - Photo by Stewart Cutler

This week we share the story of above all stories — the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus (as told by John).

We invite you to join us as we listen and meditate on the story.

Readings by:

John 12:1-11 – Thomas Mathie
John 12:20-36 – Travis Mamone
John 13:18-38 – Andy Weir
John 18:1-26 – Dr Bex Lewis
John 18:28-40 – Kara Ellcey
John 19:1-25 – Jonathan Blundell
John 19:28-42 – Stewart Cutler
John 20:1-18 – Keri Lehmann’
Benediction – Stephanie Shepherd

Music by:

Cousin Silas – In the Corner of the Sky
Shekinah – The Flood
Wisely Woven – Contratio
Spiritualized – I Want You (Instrumental Long Mix)

Closing benediction by Gus Kroll

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