We LOVE our Kindles – and we think you will too.

They’re light, easy to use and allow you to carry a full library of books, with instant access to any of them in your bag.

And now the latest generation of Kindles:

  • Are lighter to carry
  • Feature a smaller body with the same 6″ screen size – fits in your pocket
  • Features the most advanced E Ink display, reads like paper (aka read it in sunlight!)
  • Have built in Wi-Fi – Get books in 60 seconds
  • Offer an ever growing, massive book selection, over 800,000 titles are $9.99 or less
  • Allow you to borrow Kindle books from your public library

Kindles also feature text-to-speech options to allow your Kindle to read your favorite books to you (as long as the author has enabled text-to-speech) and the built in Mp3 player lets you carry your favorite Audible books and music with you as well.

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Read anywhere

Even if you’re not ready to jump into owning a Kindle – you can still enjoy the Kindle experience on your computer or smart phone device with Kindle’s FREE reading apps and WisperSync technology, which allows you to read at your desk, on your computer and then pick up right where you left off on your smart phone for the ride home.

Simply download the Kindle Reader app for your specific hardware – or read right now with Kindle Cloud Reader.

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Get started

To get you started, we’re putting together a list of some of our favorite books – including those that have been featured on our podcast.

If you’ve got a favorite book that we should check out, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add your picks to our special “listeners’ favorites list.”