David Hayward :: 6.9

David Hayward

David Hayward has a lot to say about religion – especially Christianity. Since 2006 he’s been turning to pen and paper to share his struggles, critiques and criticisms of issues he’s seen after 20+ years in the ministry.

His daily blog and comic, The Naked Pastor, explores religion, religious community and spirituality.

On this week’s podcast we’ll get a glimpse into what led him to trade in the pulpit for a pen and paper.

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ben thomas :: 2.17

this week we talk with singer, songwriter Ben Thomas of the band so elated. the band recently followed up their Christmas album, “the bewildering light” (released last year via NoiseTrade), with a new self-titled album.

Ben talks about the new album and shares with his story with us and how growing up and listening to “decent music” taught him that God can be found in all types of art, and not just in clean, wholesome “Christian music.”

From so elated’s website ::
Influenced by artists such as David Bazan, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, Derek Webb and Bright Eyes, So Elated conjures up music that is both eclectic and unique. Several songs from the new abum have already been chosen for TV/film licensing, including “Strangers”, which was placed on Shatter Records latest compilation disc.

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