Courtney Carver :: 6.6


After 20 years of working in publishing and marketing, you’d think Courtney Carver would have bought into the messages she was pitching. But in 2006 she gave it up to Be More With Less.

Find out what inspired her to make the change and what inspires her today on her journey on this week’s podcast.

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The Owl Named Orion by
Dextor Britain – The Time to Run

nicole cottrell :: 4.29

nicole cottrell
nicole cottrell

this week we chat with modern reject, nicole cottrell.

nicole is a wife, mom and has a constant craving for something sweet. she blogs at modern rejects and this week shares some of her story with the sbpodcast tribe and shares and why she’s found the organic church model to be beneficial to her craving for sweet community.

and don’t forget – we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and messages as part of the sbpodcast 1more event. the deadline for submission is oct. 24th.

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alise wright :: 4.23

alise wright

this week we talk with writer alise wright.

wright talks about her struggles with depression, her interfaith marriage and her upcoming project with citivas press, not alone.

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derek webb – one
alan levi – facebook

shaun groves :: 4.10

shaun groves
shaun groves

this week we talk with shaun groves. shaun describes himself as a communicator who’s known by a lot of titles: singer/songwriter. speaker. blogger. husband. daddy. friend. he feels and thinks deeply and laughs easily. and though he spent a number of years at the top of the CCM charts, he’s now found his voice and passion in being a spokesperson for compassion around the world.

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shaun groves – sing
shaun groves – kingdom come

george elerick :: 3.18

George Elerick

this week we chat with george elerick, who describes himself as…

“a heretic who follows jesus. cultural theorist. barbarian philosopher. i still like Tang, the powdered drink. life is a beautiful scandalous mystery. i am what i want you to think i am. i like people. i like movements. i like chicken. i like music. i like speaking. i want to endorse a life of redemptive peace, grace, love.”

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thaxton – shades of grey