eric bryant :: 3.31

eric bryant
eric bryant

eric bryant is back for a return visit to the something beautiful podcast. we catch up on what eric’s been up to over the last year or so, including the re-release/re-packaging of his book peppermint filled pinatas as not like me. eric’s an author, stand-up comedian, speaker, and a pastor on staff with Mosaic in Los Angeles.

and be sure to listen to this episode to find out how you can win a copy of eric’s book, not like me.

also in this episode, we also hear from one of our new co-hosts, johnny laird. johnny’s a blogger and all around great guy living in london with his wife and two kids.

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mike monday – robot go disco
immortal beats – your time is over
moby – mistake
bodies of water – rise up careful

ryan kemp-pappan :: 3.30

ryan kemp-pappan
ryan kemp-pappan

this week we chat with ryan kemp-pappan, who’s “bladder than a ham samich!”

ryan is a blogger, minister and the co-host of the hardcore xianity podcast. on this episode he shares some of his background and how he learned to die to self while in africa. he also discusses the roots of dmergent and hardcore xianity.

from his blog:

I seek to have the faith of Peter, the conviction of Paul, the love of Jesus, and the honesty of Johnny Cash. I am biblically sound and Spirit-lead. I am socially liberal which lends to a theology rooted in Calvin [I am totally depraved since 1975], grown in the soils of Tillich [love the New Being, the old is not cast off. Rather the old is transformed and realizing what it has always been meant to be], Gutierrez [I have a mourning heart for those that are oppressed, suffer, and struggle in poverty], and Brueggemann [I am called to be prophetic. As a leader in my community, I am called to realize the Kingdom of God to those that seek it. I am to be the transformational voice as I am motivated via the Spirit to communicate to my community as we are transformed and indulge in the ways of God].

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shekinah – i am a wanderer, hide not this testament
bodies of water – ever with us

mark berry :: 2.11


Thomas gets back in the game this week with part 1 of his interview with Mark Berry.

Marks is the pioneer leader for Safe Space, an emerging Missional community in Telford, Shropshire.

The group describes themselves as a ::

safe space to : breath : think : seek : reflect : question : listen : watch : wait : pray : journey : hold : doubt : explore : speak : eat : walk : stop : relax : feel : touch : love : scream : cry : laugh : run : hide : try : hope : reach for god :

Mark’s also active in the ownership of the local football (soccer for US listeners) team and shares some of the lessons he’s learned for the church while actively participating in the sport, as well as other areas he’s been involved in.

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bodies of water – gold tan peach and grey
great lake swimmers – your rocky spine
scrapiron – amazing grace done right

a musical interlude :: 2.1

a new year, a new season, a new musical interlude.

welcome to 2009 and welcome to season two of the something beautiful podcast. we hope you enjoy this musical special and we can’t wait to share season two of our podcast with you.

we hope you’re having a great start to a new year. a time of grace, new beginnings, and hope for what’s yet to come.

Pax Dei
– the something beautiful crew

music ::

brian lee & his orchestra – wake up
dr dog – wake up
the old believers – granny’s song
jukebox the ghost – hold it in
the welcome wagon – sold to the rich man
allen levi – every day all night long grocery store
dead heart bloom – im gonna go meet Jesus
paul t (dj haggis) – Holy Lamb
church of the beloved – come Holy Ghost
zehnder – holy God, creator of all life (C) 2004 greg zehnder & zehnder
bodies of water – water here
fleet foxes – white winter hymnal
djsiah – you can start over

frank viola :: 1.18

this week we talk with organic church evangelist, frank viola. frank’s written many books on the growing organic church movement including the most recent pagan christianity? and reimagining the church. he also maintains a very active website and blog with resources to those interested in the church.

we talk with frank about both of these books as well as his background and history with the organic church.

after you listen – be sure and call the listener line and let us know what you thought ::
(972) 535-8980

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rootdown – roots
jes karper – culculkan is coming
derek webb – this too shall be made right
bodies of water – we are co-existers

catching up :: 1.11

for episode 1.11 thomas and jonathan spend some time talking about culture, metaphors of the church and catch up after thomas’ holiday and summer camp.

let us know what metaphors you’ve found useful in describing the church, christianity and the church body. drop us an email or leave a comment here.

music ::
bodies of water – doves circle
great lake swimmers – i am part of a large family
stefsax – i like it like that(s.thaens)
mike doughty – thank you Lord, for sending me the f train
cold war kids – tonight you belong to me

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chad crawford :: 1.2

Chad Crawford

wow! a full day early!

in this episode Jonathan talks with Chad Crawford, youth pastor, blogger and a host of Homebrewed Christianity. Chad talks about his journey thus far, including how 9/11 and the Iraq war has shaped his theology, hiking the Appalachian Trail and sustainability within communities. also, Thomas and Jonathan say the word definitely more than just a few times.

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