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This week we kick off a new experiment with the podcast – a new bi-monthly wrap-up of each of the stories we hear on our podcast.

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Faithful Citizenship by Greg Garrett
Mark for Everyone by N.T. Wright
From Here to Eternity by Frank Viola
The Shack by William Young

A New Kind of Christianity with Brian McLaren

Posted originally on Jonathan’s blog

Brian McLaren’s new book, A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith, drops tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 9).

I received a free advance copy from the publisher late last week and have been devouring it every chance I get (which with two toddlers at home hasn’t been that often).

In it, McLaren offers the top 10 questions he’s been hearing from people about the Christian faith as well as 10 responses to those questions (as opposed to answers — which are simply statements — which lead to hate and debate… he expounds much more on this in the first couple chapters).

So far I’m loving everything I’ve read. I won’t say I agree with everything yet (especially since I haven’t the full book yet) but what I’ve read is definitely in line with a lot of other things I’m reading and thinking as of late.
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