Rowan Williams and the stories of CS Lewis

Rowan Williams
Rowan Williams | Via WikiCommons

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, gave three lectures this year as part of his annual Holy Week series — each dedicated on the work of CS Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia.

This year, Dr Williams, a Narnia fan, has turned his attention to the Christian themes found in the Narnia novels. Dr Williams explained: “The Narnia books of C.S. Lewis continue to intrigue and inspire many, and the recent very successful films have shown that they still have wide appeal. Lewis certainly intended them to be vehicles of Christian teaching. But in an age less familiar with Christian images and ideas than his, how can we best draw out these themes?”

These are a great listen and give a great insight into Lewis’ work and ideas.

Lecture 1: ‘Not a tame lion
Lecture 2: ‘I only tell you your own story
Lecture 3: ‘Bigger inside than outside

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What is your dream for the church?

We posed a question to our peeps on Twitter Wednesday and your responses have been wonderful!

We asked…

Dream for the church
What's your dream for the church?

Here’s what you had to say…

@sbpodcast To stop tearing each other down

@sbpodcast That we actually live like we are parts of One Body instead of different islands at war with each other.

@sbpodcast to be Jesus in every community and not just do Jesus.

@sbpodcast that it becomes less about which building you go to and more about how you live your life.

@sbpodcast to realise we are it rather than it is a place we go to.

@sbpodcast to realise God loves everyone… not just the church. And Jesus is everyone’s… not just the church’s. Tx

@sbpodcast that we focus less on religion on more on Christ. #dream4church

@sbpodcast to stop doing church like an organisation and do it as an organism.

@sbpodcast That we are the hands and feet of Jesus, serving the world and showing it the light of God.

@sbpodcast Honesty, to ourselves about who/ what we are and to the world

@sbpodcast A dream 4 the Church. That it will truly live the radical hospitality that it claims 2 have! #transform #outlawpreachers

@sbpodcast A place where trust is never broken and friends really are friends for life.

@sbpodcast My dream is ‘no walls’

And from Facebook…

Paul Partridge: basically to show God’s love

I so hope we’ll all fight to see these dreams come true.

May we be known as a people excited and working towards the church we wish to see (as Tripp Fuller mentions in his interview) rather than a people bent on angst and ignoring the very thing we love so much.

We’ll try and keep posting updates as they come in – or you can post your thoughts in the comments below.

tripp fuller :: 4.12

tripp fuller

this week we talk with homebrewed christianity co-host tripp fuller. along with hosting a pretty sweet podcast, tripp helps organize the big tent christianity events, has collaborated on a book with phillip clayton and is working on his PhD in philosophy of religion and theology at claremont graduate university.

tripp shares his story and how it gives him amazing hope for the future of the church any why theology is important to christianity today.

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in your people – tripp fuller

nadia bolz-weber :: 4.6

nadia bolz-weber
nadia bolz-weber

this week we talk with emergent-lutheran nadia bolz-weber. weber is the mission developer for house for all sinners and saints in denver, colorado. the community is “an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination.”

she’s also the author of salvation on the small screen? 24 hours of christian television.

nadia talks about missional church gatherings with transFORM:

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immortal beats – yourtimeisover
the frozen ocean – drawing circles in the sand

will taylor :: 4.3

william james taylor
william james taylor

in this week’s podcast, thomas has a (rather long) blether with will taylor.

at the age of 36, will says he still hasn’t got it worked out — or possibly even worked out what “it” is. he describes himself as “slowly but purposefully moving through life, mission and faith.” he’s doing this in his context as a youth and community worker in a church of about 70 people in southeast UK and is also as a husband to esther and and a dad to two girls, millie and bella.

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blancheneige bazaar orchestra – orient express

phil shepherd :: 3.22

Phil Shepherd

this week we talk with the whiskey preacher, phil shepherd. phil’s a pastor of the eucatastrophe in fort worth, texas, a church for outlaws and outcasts.

phil tells us about growing up as a “funagelical” in alaska and how he made his way south and ultimately starting a church with his wife stephanie in fort worth.

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trucker frank (frank schutzwohl) :: 1.19.2

trucker frank
Trucker Frank

it’s time for another something beautiful combo package.

we bring together the two parts of our interview with “former pastor turned trucker” Frank Schutzwohl (aka Trucker Frank). Frank talks about his life in the institutional church and how he’s found his faith outside those walls with other free-range believers.

Trucker Frank has become an inspiration as well as a bit of a celebrity after being highlighted in Tony Jones’ latest book, “The New Christians” as well as the promotional videos for the book.

if you prefer, you can still listen to the original part 1 and part 2 episodes in their entirety.

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innes johnston :: 2.34

on the show this week, we hear from Innes Johnston, who talks about his life, growing up in a multitude of different churches, traveling the seven seas — well one or two of them at least and then coming to find out what full-time ministry is really all about.

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