gene anderson :: 4.15

gene anderson

gene anderson is a presbyterian minister and blogger based in st. petersberg, florida. he stops by something beautiful this week to talk about his life, his work with the homeless, and his struggle with bipolar disorder.

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clive parnell – walk with me
explosions in the sky – a song for our fathers

clive parnell :: 2.10

clive parnell

this week we hear from Clive Parnell, a singer/songwriter in Scotland, who works with the UCCF. he recently released the new album, the “Mystery Tent.”

From his myspace page ::

Clive previously played with Indigoecho for 7 years. They played all over the Uk, Ireland and a small part of the USA. With 2 albums “one” and “illuminate” under their belt the band also managed to play in Virgin megastore in Edinburgh to launch their single. Clive has been on a journey where he realises that music is a gift from God. It is great to be able to write about anything, the weather, love, food, faith, glory and a whole host of things. When we look back in history there was a guy called David who was an amazing writer so much so he wrote many of the 150 psalms. He saw that music and words were more than just singing and playing music but are a a way of returning thanks to a creator god. I have been writing some songs that have the same aim. Songs for those who want to Worship Father, Son and Spirt despite pain, during the easy times in life, through new challenges and experiences. Rather than being introspective and self-glorifying these songs are about making Jesus famous and lifting his name high despite that been seen as uncool by many. But at the end of the day these songs are not about being cool it is about connecting with a real and living God who we know is bigger and greater and above all things. I hope you enjoy them and they help you aware for a first time or the 1,000 time who God is and that we can know him through Jesus.

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clive parnell – walk with me
clive parnell – small voice
the herbaliser – you’re not all that

tall skinny kiwi (andrew jones) :: 2.5

andrew jones serves up some meat

this week we chat with Tall Skinny Kiwi, Andrew Jones, about his emerging faith and how he’s evolved from a street evangelist to an event driven ministery to a real incarnational and relational way of sharing Jesus with others.

we also chat a bit about the tall skinny expedition vehicle.

Andrew has been recognized by many as one of the top Christian/Church bloggers, but he describes himself as ::

Crepe Chef
Video Jockey
Jesus Follower
Badminton Player
Director of Boaz Project
Medium Format Photographer
Missional Cell Developer for CMS

so listen in and then let us know what you think.

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hitler does emergent (and suggests that Andrew Jones is Tony Jones’ brother)

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clive parnell – walk with me
spiritualized – angel sigh guitars (alt.mix )
church of the beloved – given