musical interlude :: 3.11

(The Snow Imposed Silence)

DJ Headphonaught mixes it up this week with a great collection of songs for your listening enjoyment.

music ::

“Love Story” by “B for Brontosaurus” from their “home ep”
“Room 50 Hotel Ereso” by “Cousin Silas” from the “50:50 An Earth Monkey Productions Compilation” comp
“Sirens #1” by “Entertainment for the Braindead” from her EP Roadkill
“Like a ghost” by “Korine Conception” from their album “Glow In Transparancy Aurora”
“Fresh Air” by “Tekc” from the “Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure” compilation
“Faith’s Review & Expectation” by “Sandra McCracken” from the sampler EP on Noisetrade
“Selling Pictures” by “Uniform Motion” from their album “Pictures”
“Mind Space” by “DJsiah” from “the EP”
“The Spirit vs The Kick Drum” by Derek Webb from “the Stockholm Syndrome”
“I like knowing God the best” by “Candle and the Agape Force Prep School” from the record “Bullfrogs & Butterflies”

travis mamone :: 3.10

Travis Mamone
Travis Mamone

Thomas speaks with Travis Mamone, Converse All-Star wearing, indie folk listening, always questioning, book loving, coffee addicted, emerging Christian freelance writer.

This conversation is the second half of a double interview.  In the first part Travis interviews Thomas for his Coffee Chat podcast.

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music ::
cousin silascrystalised steel
cousin silas – newscape 5