My creed

Thought I’d share this with the Something Beautiful community.

This has become a bit of a personal creed for me. Not as strong as the Apostles Creed or other important creeds of our faith – but it’s something that’s begun to drive me and lead me each day (especially at work).

imagine if suddenly…
rather than seeking revenge, you sought reconciliation
rather than repaying violence with violence, you sought creative transforming nonviolent alternatives
rather than focusing on external conformity to moral codes, you were internally transformed by love
rather than loving insiders and hating outsiders, you welcomed outsiders into a new “us” and “we”
rather than anxiety about money or security or pleasure, you trusted ourselves to the care of God
rather than living for wealth, you lived for God who loves all people, including our enemies
rather than hating our enemies and competitors, you loved them and did unto them not as they have done unto you – or before they do unto you – but as you wish they would do for you

What creeds or verses or thoughts challenge you and help move your forward each and every day?