karen hammons :: 5.16

karen hammons

When your husband is arrested and accused of being a sex offender eight years into your marriage, most people would say “Just walk away.”

Not Karen Hammons. She’s lived it.

And through it she’s become a passionate giver of second chances and grace.

She’s a blogger, the mother of two boys and the wife of an accused sex offender. She’s also the founder of The Offender’s Wife, an online community that engages with wives of accused/convicted sex offenders to effectively restore dignity, cultivate courage, and awaken hope. She is also a social media assistant for People of the Second Chance and the leader of their Gracemob movement.

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Dave Andrews – Love Reigns

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tony campolo :: 4.19

Dr. Tony Campolo
Tony Campolo

dr. tony campolo is professor emeritus of sociology at eastern university, a former faculty member at the university of pennsylvania, and the founder and president of the evangelical association for the promotion of education.

he’s also a story-teller extraordinaire and has written more than 35 books and blogs regularly at redletterchristians.org. campolo lives with his wife peggy live near philadelphia and they have two children and four grandchildren.

in our chat with dr campolo, he shares a big part of his family’s story and how it’s impacted his perspective on the world around him… and tells us about a special lady in his life who inspired him to tell great stories.

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dave andrews – Jesus for prime minister

adele sakler pt 2 :: 2.15


this week we share the second part of Thomas’ conversation with Adele Sakler (aka existential punk).

be sure and listen to part one if you haven’t already.

in this second part, Adele talks more about her homosexuality and her desire to be a voice of God’s love to each community she’s a part of. we also chat about labels and how we often try to define one another with them.

we realize that like many of our guests, you may not agree 100% with Adele’s theology — she realizes that as well — but we invite you to take the time to listen to Adele’s story and hear her story for yourself. take the time to hear her story and view it and her as an entire package, not just shunning her for what you may not agree with. then we welcome your thoughts and comments. drop us an e-mail or phone call and let us know what you think.

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quiet village – circus of horror
dj earworm – no one takes your freedom
dave andrews – wanna
shane claiborne – dumpster divers

tribes pt.1 :: 1.22

happy reformation day!

this week, Thomas talks with Stewart Cutler and they review and discuss Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes. the book focuses on marketing and leadership and both Stewart and Thomas think the church as a whole can learn some very relevant things from the book.

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dave andrews – jesus for prime minister
brioskj – dawn of a wonderful day
psalters – wayfaring stranger
j skywalker – jesus for president

greg garrett pt. 2 :: 1.17

greg garrett

this week we share the 2nd half of our interview with greg garrett.

greg talks about some of the difficulties and suffering he’s faced in his life and what he learned through it. he also discusses what he learned about God and suffering while serving as a hospital chaplain one summer in austin, texas.

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cold war kids – something is not right with me
the old believers – granny’s song
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