garry brotherston :: 1.26

On the 1st of November 2008, a small group of loyal radicals met for ((deep)) – an alternative worship gathering held in Glasgow… run by members of the Salvation Army (myself included). We were there to meet with Garry Brotherston… a preacher and singer/songwriter with a past and tremendous, God-filled present.

Garry has a story… a real story worth listening to. Brought up in the West of Scotland, his early life revolved around drink and drugs… a life dependent on drink and drugs. In pursuing this life… if life it could be described as… he killed someone. He was young, alone, scared and now in prison for murder.

While in prison, he met God through a small, faithful prison outreach… and through this encounter… he turned his life around. As Garry would freely admit, not through his endeavour but through the Lord’s grace.

He now speaks through out the UK on his life and experiences… and is a very passionate preacher of God’s Word. He knows what the alternative to his current life is… and is dedicated to sharing his story as a means of demonstrating the life changing truth of the Gospel.

He also sings and writes music… his songs are heartfelt and genuine… moving records of how the Lord has changed him and can change others. One song, in particular, is a passionate call to Glasgow… that she may get back to her true motto. From “Let Glasgow Flourish” back to the original motto = “Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of your word and the worship of your name.”

During his talk at the ((deep)) gathering he asks a very pertinent question… what on earth am I doing? It was a challenging evening… challenging for all of us when we consider what we are actually doing for God in our lives. I am grateful to JD for tidying up this audio and for allowing Garry’s talk to be aired… because I believe the challenge should go out to us all… what on earth are we doing? Are we living our faith… or is it something we know but haven’t become? There is always more to do… there is always things to do… but, more importantly, we need to become the truth we stand for. We need to communicate by our very lives the Gospel.

I hope you benefit from Garry’s talk and are challenged by his thoughts. Please leave a comment if you are… or even if you wish to show your support to Garry.

Thomas – 26th November, 2008

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Deep Glasgow, Scotland
Deep Glasgow, Scotland

This episode (our first official episode – YEAH!) we discuss a new emergent community building near Thomas, Pagan Christianity and hear stories from ((deep)), a unique church gathering that Thomas heads up at his church in Glasgow, Scotland.

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