steve knight :: 4.26

steve knight

when we last spoke to steve knight, he was working for SIM International and was the resident blogger for emergent village. none of that holds true anymore. find out what he’s up to now as he continues to fine tune his passion groove towards planting missionally minded churches.

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ryan kemp-pappan :: 3.30

ryan kemp-pappan
ryan kemp-pappan

this week we chat with ryan kemp-pappan, who’s “bladder than a ham samich!”

ryan is a blogger, minister and the co-host of the hardcore xianity podcast. on this episode he shares some of his background and how he learned to die to self while in africa. he also discusses the roots of dmergent and hardcore xianity.

from his blog:

I seek to have the faith of Peter, the conviction of Paul, the love of Jesus, and the honesty of Johnny Cash. I am biblically sound and Spirit-lead. I am socially liberal which lends to a theology rooted in Calvin [I am totally depraved since 1975], grown in the soils of Tillich [love the New Being, the old is not cast off. Rather the old is transformed and realizing what it has always been meant to be], Gutierrez [I have a mourning heart for those that are oppressed, suffer, and struggle in poverty], and Brueggemann [I am called to be prophetic. As a leader in my community, I am called to realize the Kingdom of God to those that seek it. I am to be the transformational voice as I am motivated via the Spirit to communicate to my community as we are transformed and indulge in the ways of God].

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