musical interlude :: 3.23

190610_ Trabant #1 | photo by headphonaught

it’s time for another something beautiful musical interlude! this week we try and mix it up with a little hip-hop, some ambient, dance and acoustic folk.

let us know what you like or what you don’t like. leave us a comment here, or call our listener line at 972-535-8980.

we hope you enjoy it!

music ::
dj schmolli – wonderwall tempest
mr j medeiros – broken windows
moby – one time we lived (matrix & futurebound remix)
kings of leon – use somebody (rac remix)
djsiah – eden
brioskj – gnome ballad
dead heart bloom – here we are
the nowhere boys – old man soil
great lake swimmers – pulling on a line (live)
derek webb – this too shall be made right
tripp fuller – in your people
jennifer knapp – on love
hearts of palm – goldfish
kazoo funk orchestra – baby you’ve no eyes

if you enjoyed this episode, please be sure and support the artists featured. also, please consider making a donation to charity:water. your donation of $20 can provide clean water for a person in need for the next 20 years!

christmas nines :: 2.46

it’s that time of year, when all our listeners are invited to join in and help us celebrate the birth of our Savior.

thanks to everyone who joined in with a reading or sharing their Christmas thoughts, reflections and wishes!

we hope you enjoy listening and are able to share it with your family and friends this holiday season.

we look forward to many more great stories and episodes to come in 2010!

contributors ::
miriam mathie
stewart cutler [twitter]stewartculter[/twitter]
greg russinger [twitter]gregrussinger[/twitter]
avril cutler [twitter]avrilcutler[/twitter]
paula spurr [twitter]cowpunkmom[/twitter]
rob griggs-taylor [twitter]robgt2[/twitter]
angus mathie
dayna mathie
chad crawford [twitter]chadcrawford[/twitter]
jim bonewald [twitter]jbonewald[/twitter]
mike rusch [twitter]mikerusch[/twitter]
chris allman [twitter]chrisballman[/twitter]
thomas mathie [twitter]headphonaught[/twitter]
pastor lance spurr
jonathan blundell [twitter]jdblundell[/twitter]
& of course YOU – the listener!

music ::
djsiah – trippin
argyle project – o come, o come, emmanuel
half handed cloud – plant a little fir tree
church of the beloved – given
sojourn – let justice roll (live)
so elated – come thou long expected jesus
william ryan fritch – may all mortal flesh be silenced
the singing company – it came upon a midnight clear
adeline – all the angels
jj heller – star of wonder – we three kings
tripp fuller – remembering
the singing company – o holy night
sufjan stevens – joy to the world

trucker frank (frank schutzwohl) :: 1.19.2

trucker frank
Trucker Frank

it’s time for another something beautiful combo package.

we bring together the two parts of our interview with “former pastor turned trucker” Frank Schutzwohl (aka Trucker Frank). Frank talks about his life in the institutional church and how he’s found his faith outside those walls with other free-range believers.

Trucker Frank has become an inspiration as well as a bit of a celebrity after being highlighted in Tony Jones’ latest book, “The New Christians” as well as the promotional videos for the book.

if you prefer, you can still listen to the original part 1 and part 2 episodes in their entirety.

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frank on twitter
frank facebook
frank’s youtube channel
wayne jacobsen – the God journey podcast
wayne jacobsen – lifestream
david fredrickson – family room media

music ::
DJsiah – spy
dr dog – say something
solomon’s porch – mightier than
the welcome wagon – sold to the rich man

brandt russo :: 2.21

brandt russo

happy birthday to the something beautiful podcast!

our official “birthday” was May 24, 2008 but we’re celebrating a couple days early and over the next few weeks. so listen in as the newest member to our team, stewart, shares some of his favorite points of year one. over the next couple weeks, thomas and jonathan will do the same.

also this week we talk to brandt russo. brandt’s one of those guys who tends to take the things Jesus says — literally — especially those parts about loving the poor and selling all your possessions so you can give more to the poor.

only a few years ago, brandt decided to take Jesus at his word and sold all his goods and moved onto the streets caring for the homeless and the poor. since then he’s been featured in the ordinary radicals (jamie moffett’s movie), started his own t-shirt company (can’t ignore the poor) to help benefit the poor and is working on his own documentary recounting his year of living on the streets and the plight of the poor and homeless.

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music ::
jes karper – try on life
lake – blue ocean blue
telekinesis – imaginary friend
djsiah – tripping

a musical interlude :: 2.1

a new year, a new season, a new musical interlude.

welcome to 2009 and welcome to season two of the something beautiful podcast. we hope you enjoy this musical special and we can’t wait to share season two of our podcast with you.

we hope you’re having a great start to a new year. a time of grace, new beginnings, and hope for what’s yet to come.

Pax Dei
– the something beautiful crew

music ::

brian lee & his orchestra – wake up
dr dog – wake up
the old believers – granny’s song
jukebox the ghost – hold it in
the welcome wagon – sold to the rich man
allen levi – every day all night long grocery store
dead heart bloom – im gonna go meet Jesus
paul t (dj haggis) – Holy Lamb
church of the beloved – come Holy Ghost
zehnder – holy God, creator of all life (C) 2004 greg zehnder & zehnder
bodies of water – water here
fleet foxes – white winter hymnal
djsiah – you can start over

Advent Christmas Extravaganza :: 1.29

this week we hope you’ll enjoy a break from the norm (if there is such a thing). we’ve put together what we believe to be a steller collection of music and reflections from our listeners around the world. it is a true Advent Christmas Extravaganza.

thanks so much to everyone who participated in the process and submitted Scripture readings and reflections!

contributors ::
johnny laird
alex (aldakila)
rob gt
trucker frank
agnus mathie
stewart cutler family
lindsay cofield
inspire youth
laurie blundell
chad crawford
jay thomas
jonathan blundell
thomas mathie (for getting all the UK organized :-))

music ::
djsiah – trippin
tripp fuller – promise
djsiah – mindspace
sojourn – amen, amen
williamson – cool people make me tired
john wickham – what child is this
sojourn – what child is this
brioskj – dawn of a wonderful day
spiritualized – step into the breeze instrumental (alt.mix)
so elated – stick with you
the singing company – o holy night
john wickham – do you hear what i hear
violet burning – o come let us adore him
so elated – shepherds and angels
brioskj – french kiss
church of the beloved – given
revolution void – weekend amnesia
shawn mcdonald – captivated

hope i’m not forgetting anyone! thanks again and hope you all enjoy!

a musical interlude 2 :: 1.21

I am not a DJ. I can’t beat mix. I haven’t played “live” in a long, long time. I don’t do weddings, bar mitzvahs or clubs.

I am more of a curator. For me, a curator is someone passionate about his/her chosen medium… and this passion is expressed through some form of exhibition to the world. This is my exhibition… just for you.

I am passionate about Net Labels. I consider the works available for free on labels like Earth Monkey, Aerotone, Sutemos and Serein to be some of the best music I have ever heard. Bleeding edge electronica and delicate nu folk. Dark ambient soundscapes and glitchy IDM. All there for me to consume… to enjoy… to rave about… as I often do on my blog.

It amazes me that the music available on these Net Label is available there for free. It isn’t free to produce. Quality costs. That’s what amazes me… the graciousness of the producers… that sees their music… their art… available to me to consume… for no cost to me.

This mix, if you can call it a mix (see first line), is my way of giving back. I have received the wonderful gift of music and I wish to give it away… both in the form of the mix but also in the form of links so you too can taste and see that this music is good. In doing so… I keep their gift of music moving. I keep their generosity circulating… I don’t wish to jealously keep their music to myself… its not mine to keep in that sense… instead I enthusiastically give it away.

Hopefully you will enjoy this mix and it will encourage you to check out the musicians and producers behind the individual tracks… and dig deeper into their music.


– headphonaught

music ::

IJO – Gartenn
Stidiek – Boxing for a job
Paul T (DJ Haggis) – lambs are us (bon-accord home mix)
Sleepy Town Manufacture – polygon
IJO – Xiopsi
My first trumpet – Happy Plingi
ISAN – First Date Jumble Sale (Live)
Your Hand In Mine – The Youngest One Had A Rose In His Mouth
herzog – standing like towers, in a field, in the rain
nest – kyoto
Sovacusa – Osloka (Exclusive)
DJsiah – You Can Start Over
Williamson – and then its all gone
Flutterspot – Liihko hymn
AoyomA – epilogue

trucker frank (frank schutzwohl) pt. 1 :: 1.19

this week we talk with “former pastor turned trucker” Frank Schutzwohl (aka Trucker Frank) about his life in the institutional church and how he’s found his faith outside those walls.

Trucker Frank has become an inspiration as well as a bit of a celebrity after being highlighted in Tony Jones’ latest book, “The New Christians” as well as the promotional videos for the book.

also we talk about the new something beautiful podcast weight loss challenge.

UPDATE: Listen to the full interview with Trucker Frank in episode 1.19.2

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UPDATE: frank on twitter
frank facebook
frank’s youtube channel
get DJsiah’s new EP for FREE

music ::
DJsiah – 21st century
DJsiah – spy
if we all get together
DJsiah – keep dancing