A day full of stories

Telling stories is what our podcast is about.

Shaun Groves offers a great challenge related to the stories we tell from our online and offline relationships…

Spend one day in front of a screen. Get and make lots of phone calls, check your e-mail, blog, update your Facebook page, send some tweets, read some blog posts, listen to a podcast, peruse some Youtube videos. Watch American Idol, Lost, The Office and Thirty Rock followed by some Fox or CNN.

Spend the next day off-line, unplugged, face-to-face with real people, hearing live voices instead of recorded ones. Walk through the woods or around the block or through a crowded mall. Talk to your spouse, your friends, your neighbors. Play with your kids. Smell flowers, watch the sun set, point at shooting stars.

Which day gave you more stories to tell?

Spend the day with your friends and family – face to face. Then e-mail us or call our listener line (972)535-8980 and share your story with us.