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do you twitter at work? do you tweet your friends all hours of the day?

we want to follow you (and of course we want you to follow us too :-))! and we want others to have a chance to follow you as well.

simply leave your twitter name in the comments below so we and other listeners can find you.

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justice friday

today (and every friday) is justice friday on the web…

what is it? it is a day that different people “tweet” about, blog about, facebook about, and generally raise awareness for all sorts of justice issues. from human trafficking to malaria, all sorts of justice issues are raised, with the end goal of generating awareness and action. the point is not just to share statistics, the point is to help other people understand the great justice issues of our day, and how they can respond and act to bring justice.

you can get involved in a couple of ways:

  1. follow the action by searching the hashtag #justicefriday on twitter – read the tweets. (here’s how hashtags work…)
  2. tweet, blog, update your facebook status and also retweet (repost) stats, info, and facts about your favorite justice issues. do you have a favorite organization like the IJM or not for sale or compassion? follow them on twitter and retweet their info for the rest of us! there are lots of ways to get involved. remember to use the #justicefriday hashtag.

what injustices are you passionate about? what would you like to see your friends and family and others become more aware of and involved in?

HT to exagorazo for the info.

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