Ways to give aid for Haitian Relief

The following groups are on the ground and offering relief after the earthquake in Haiti yesterday.

Disasters Emergency Committee (UK): www.dec.org.uk

One Day’s Wages: onedayswages.org

Salvation Army (US): salvationarmy.org

Haiti Reborn: quixote.org/haiti

Church World Services: www.churchworldservice.org

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: www.pcusa.org

Direct Relief International

World Vision: donate.worldvision.org

Bright Hope: www.brighthope.org

UMC Disaster Response: secure.gbgm-umc.org/donations

UNICEF: www.unicefusa.org

Christian Aid: www.christianaid.org.uk

Americares: www.americares.org

Mercy Corps: donate.mercycorps.org

American Red Cross: newsroom.redcross.org

United Church of Christ: www.ucc.org

Doctors Without Borders: doctorswithoutborders.org

Disciple’s Week of Compassion: secure.groundspring.org

Episcopal Relief: www.er-d.org

Reformed Church in America: www.rca.org

Oxfam: www.oxfam.org

Habitat For Humanity: www.habitat.org

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund: www.haitiaction.net

My good buddy Chris Allman is currently next door to Haiti in the Dominican Republic. You can read some of his thoughts on his blog: chrisballman.blogspot.com

Additionally just received word from Brandt Russo that all of the proceeds from Cant Ignore The Poor will go to Haitian Disaster Relief through http://www.mercycorps.org/.

HT to [twitter]brianmerritt[/twitter] for assembling the majority of this list