tripp fuller :: 4.12

tripp fuller

this week we talk with homebrewed christianity co-host tripp fuller. along with hosting a pretty sweet podcast, tripp helps organize the big tent christianity events, has collaborated on a book with phillip clayton and is working on his PhD in philosophy of religion and theology at claremont graduate university.

tripp shares his story and how it gives him amazing hope for the future of the church any why theology is important to christianity today.

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julie clawson :: 2.44


this week we talk with mother, blogger and author Julie Clawson. Julie just published her first book, Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices. Julie shares her story and why justice became an important aspect of her faith journey and shares some ideas on how even busy moms can make a difference for people around the world.

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chad crawford :: 1.2

Chad Crawford

wow! a full day early!

in this episode Jonathan talks with Chad Crawford, youth pastor, blogger and a host of Homebrewed Christianity. Chad talks about his journey thus far, including how 9/11 and the Iraq war has shaped his theology, hiking the Appalachian Trail and sustainability within communities. also, Thomas and Jonathan say the word definitely more than just a few times.

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