gerry hanan :: 3.12

this week we talk with Gerry Hanan. Hanan grew up in Ireland where his dad owned a toy shop and he went to the same school as U2. that wasn’t enough adventure for him though so he now lives with his wife and kids in Austin, Texas, where the weather is better. he spends his time shooting fashion and beauty photographs, walking his dog and having adventures in prayer.

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apathy edge – wake up restart
so elated – unnamed

peter rollins :: 2.32

Pete Rollins (wikipedia)

this week our good friend Adele Sakler (@existentialpunk) shares audio from a chat with her friend, author Peter Rollins.

Rollins is the founder and coordinator of the experimental collective in Belfast, Ireland, Ikon. he is also a writer, speaker and blogger.

he’s the author of the books, “How (Not) To Speak Of God,” “The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief,” and most recently, “The Orthodox Heretic and Other Impossible Tales.”

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steven delopoulous – gospel plough
derek webb – my enemies are men like me