matt barber :: 5.7

matt barber

This week we talk with television and film editor and director Matt Barber. Barber has worked on a number of projects including television’s The OC and Chuck and on the films Weathered and Not That Funny.

He’s currently directing the documentary, Jesus Don’t Let me Die Before I have Sex.

During our interview, Barber shares how he became interested in the topic and how you can help see the documentary be completed.

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jon birch (asbo jesus) :: 4.5

jon birch
jon birch

this week jon birch (aka asbo jesus) chats with our special guest, will taylor.

jon is a cartoonist, musician and all around media guru. he talks about his life, what led him to the asbo jesus cartoon and how he sees his faith through the eyes of his cartoon.

asbo jesus
asbo jesus

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andrew mccracken – opening collect – remix
paula spurr – chocolate ice cream cone

shane claiborne :: 4.1

shane claiborne
shane claiborne

this week we chat with activist/author and speaker shane claiborne. shane sits down with travis and talks about his life, his ministry, and where jesus fits into all of this.

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