Courtney Carver :: 6.6


After 20 years of working in publishing and marketing, you’d think Courtney Carver would have bought into the messages she was pitching. But in 2006 she gave it up to Be More With Less.

Find out what inspired her to make the change and what inspires her today on her journey on this week’s podcast.

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The Owl Named Orion by
Dextor Britain – The Time to Run

shane claiborne :: 4.1

shane claiborne
shane claiborne

this week we chat with activist/author and speaker shane claiborne. shane sits down with travis and talks about his life, his ministry, and where jesus fits into all of this.

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skekinah – mirage
psalters – dumpster diving

jason fowler :: 3.29

jason fowler
jason fowler

this week we talk with jason fowler, founder of wisely woven creative media and sustainable traditions.

jason talks about his progress from a traditional American background to that of experimenting with a sustainable life and building intentional community by living on a farm with his wife, five children and another family.

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medium – mass marone
allen levi – bless the hands