Joshua Becker :: 7.3

joshua becker

This week we talk with minimalist blogger and author Joshua Becker.

Joshua and his family live outside Phoenix, Arizona and he writes and speaks about his journey towards becoming a minimalist full time – a shift since we first spoke in 2011.

This week, Joshua talks about his new book, “Clutter Free with Kids” and how following a minimalist lifestyle can improve our life in general as well as make us better parents in the long run.


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Courtney Carver :: 6.6


After 20 years of working in publishing and marketing, you’d think Courtney Carver would have bought into the messages she was pitching. But in 2006 she gave it up to Be More With Less.

Find out what inspired her to make the change and what inspires her today on her journey on this week’s podcast.

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joshua becker :: 4.38

joshua becker

this week we talk with blogger and author joshua becker.

joshua is an associate minister for a church outside phoenix, arizona and he writes about his journey towards becoming a minimalist in his spare time.

he shares how he stumbled into the idea of minimalism, what a rational minimalist entails and how it plays out with his faith.

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