steve knight :: 4.26

steve knight

when we last spoke to steve knight, he was working for SIM International and was the resident blogger for emergent village. none of that holds true anymore. find out what he’s up to now as he continues to fine tune his passion groove towards planting missionally minded churches.

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russell ramirez :: 4.17

russell ramirez

russell ramirez (aka the rocking chef) is a “culinarian” who works as a chef in austin, texas. he shares with us his journey on how God led him from a “calling to ministry” to being a chef and to a new understanding of what ministry looks like in a missional 24/7 context.

UPDATE: Help Elora and Russell raise funds to bring home their forever child:

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nathan and kaycee white :: 3.28

nathan and kaycee white
nathan and kaycee white

this week we talk with nathan and kaycee white who are serving missionally in costa rica. they tell us about their work with a local children’s home and discuss a few of the differences between doing ministry in the u.s. and costa rica and how they’ve overcome some of the challenges along the way.

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(BTW – 35 degrees celsius is 95 degrees fahrenheit.)

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