Cooper Taylor :: 6.10

Cooper Taylor

On April 3, 2012, the city of Forney, Texas (home of the something beautiful podcast) was struck by an F3 tornado. The storm damaged homes across the city but specifically the tornado tore across an 8-mile stretch of land, running right through the Diamond Creek Subdivision.

After watching the tornado take shape and touchdown from his office, Cooper Taylor and his co-workers immediately took off to survey the damage. What they saw led them to spring into action and opened the doors of c|Life Church as a central hub for all donations for storm relief and recover. What was just an instinct reaction, became Cooper’s full-time focus for the next several months.

Hear some of Cooper’s story on this week’s podcast.

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A couple tweets from friends of Cooper after they heard he was going to be interviewed for the sbpodcast:

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jeff goins :: 4.8

jeff goins
jeff goins

jeff goins joins us this week to talk about his work as a writer and mission and web strategist. jeff works for the nonprofit, adventures in missions and has helped them with their marketing and innovation since 2006.

from his blog:

I love compelling stories, worthy causes, and Pez candy.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I moved to Nashville after graduating from Illinois College and spending a year of playing music all over the U.S. I now live in Tennessee with my wife Ashley and our dog Lyric.

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nathan and kaycee white :: 3.28

nathan and kaycee white
nathan and kaycee white

this week we talk with nathan and kaycee white who are serving missionally in costa rica. they tell us about their work with a local children’s home and discuss a few of the differences between doing ministry in the u.s. and costa rica and how they’ve overcome some of the challenges along the way.

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(BTW – 35 degrees celsius is 95 degrees fahrenheit.)

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