eric bryant :: 3.31

eric bryant
eric bryant

eric bryant is back for a return visit to the something beautiful podcast. we catch up on what eric’s been up to over the last year or so, including the re-release/re-packaging of his book peppermint filled pinatas as not like me. eric’s an author, stand-up comedian, speaker, and a pastor on staff with Mosaic in Los Angeles.

and be sure to listen to this episode to find out how you can win a copy of eric’s book, not like me.

also in this episode, we also hear from one of our new co-hosts, johnny laird. johnny’s a blogger and all around great guy living in london with his wife and two kids.

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music ::
mike monday – robot go disco
immortal beats – your time is over
moby – mistake
bodies of water – rise up careful

musical interlude :: 3.23

190610_ Trabant #1 | photo by headphonaught

it’s time for another something beautiful musical interlude! this week we try and mix it up with a little hip-hop, some ambient, dance and acoustic folk.

let us know what you like or what you don’t like. leave us a comment here, or call our listener line at 972-535-8980.

we hope you enjoy it!

music ::
dj schmolli – wonderwall tempest
mr j medeiros – broken windows
moby – one time we lived (matrix & futurebound remix)
kings of leon – use somebody (rac remix)
djsiah – eden
brioskj – gnome ballad
dead heart bloom – here we are
the nowhere boys – old man soil
great lake swimmers – pulling on a line (live)
derek webb – this too shall be made right
tripp fuller – in your people
jennifer knapp – on love
hearts of palm – goldfish
kazoo funk orchestra – baby you’ve no eyes

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mike rusch :: 2.38

mike rusch
Mike Rusch

this week we talk to Mike Rusch, husband, father, follower, and one of the co-founder of the Cobblestone Project, a community movement in northwest Arkansas.

from the Cobblestone website:

The Cobblestone Project was founded in April 2008 by families who were committed to stepping forward to make a meaningful difference in their community. The motivation of this movement to action was the belief that every person has a unique and immeasurable value by virtue of their shared human story. These families believe that this human story is defined by a movement towards the restoration of the image that all people were created in. They believe that every human heart deserves dignity, respect and the opportunity to fully realize their beauty.

When a community of people engages together in bringing to light those whose image can not fully be achieved, true change begins to take place.

The dream of the Cobblestone Project is to work towards

“A Community Without Need”

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music ::
moby – pale horses (apparat remix)
bifrost arts – i sought the Lord

Something Beautiful :: 052208 (beta)

The initial podcast for Something Beautiful.
Jonathan and Thomas talk through their dreams and vision for the Something Beautiful Podcast.

Music by Moby, Jonah Dempcy, Fleet Foxes, Great Lake Swimmers, Flobots

Click here to view a photo of the sculpture Jonathan mentions during the podcast.