roy w. petersen :: 3.19

Roy W. Petersen

this week we talk with writer, director and film maker, roy w. petersen. roy grew up in new york where he got his start in the arts.

roy talks about how he found the obsession to create film and mesh it with his faith (including a stint with the 700 Club). he also talks about his latest film which takes a look at Todd Bently and the Lakeland Revival.

UPDATE: The Lakeland Movie is now available. You can watch it online at

trailer for the Florida Outpouring:

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help Tall Skinny Kiwi share God’s story

andrew jones serves up some meat

as we heard in episode 2.5, tall skinny kiwi is getting ready to head out on a cross-European adventure with his family in the tall skinny kiwi mobile.

the missional tribe is rallying around TSK to help him purchase a new camera, boom mic and other equipment so he can better tell the story of God across Europe on his journeys this year.

Bill Kinnon writes:

At Missional Tribe and elsewhere, we are raising funds to equip the Jones’ family with a great small AVCHD camera, monopod, shotgun mic, handheld mic and mini camera audio mixer. Andrew already has the editing facility on his Mac laptop. The film One Size Fits All, shot with a more expensive but less capable camera than what we are proposing, shows the power of well told stories. We can expect great stories from the Jones’ family, as well.

if you’d like to help out, simply use the widget below:

for more, read what Steve Knight and Johnny Baker have to say.

ordinary radicals nearing completion

The Ordinary Radicals – Opening Title Sequence from Jamie Moffett on Vimeo.

as a followup to our great interview with jamie moffett (v 1.6) here’s the opening sequence for the upcoming ordinary radicals movie.

looking great!

follow along on the ordinary radical’s website.

view the latest trailer here.