autumn film :: 5.21

autumn film

The Autumn Film consists of Latifah Phillips on keyboard and vocals, Reid Phillips on guitar, and Dann Stockton on drums. This week the band chats with Travis about their music, their hymn project Page CXVI, and working with Derek Webb.

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Music ::

Page CVXI – How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

Karla Adolphe :: 5.18

Karla Adolphe is a singer/songwriter who has work with such artists at Aaron Strumpel, Caleb Friesen, and Enter the Worship Circle. Her new album, “Honeycomb Tombs,” is about grief and how it feels to be left behind. She joins us today to share her thoughts on music, faith, and life.

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Music ::

Karla Adolphe – Graceland and Graveyards

DCB and The Digital Age

While the full band has disbanded following their latest release, former David Crowder Band members have come together to start a new project – Digital Age.

Lucky for fans of the band, they’ve posted a couple videos from their rehearsals on YouTube.

From their website:

The idea of The Digital Age came from several conversations about the current state of technology and how we as humans can now interact. With the rise of the internet, our neighbors are no longer the people who live next to us. We have relationships with people not only within our communities and in our cities, but across the globe. Ideas and information spread quickly and shape how we choose to connect or disconnect from those around us. For example, the majority of the final DC*B album was recorded in separate locations. Files were uploaded and shared on a private server, and many artistic interactions occurred behind the veil of a computer screen. 1s and 0s turned into sounds, and sounds turned into songs. What started as small files are now songs that can be found floating across the internet. We are all neighbors. We are all connected. Art is everywhere, free to give and take. We live in the digital age.

It’s been awesome to see this band progress and change and lead over the years. My first memory of them was leading a revival at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2002 or so. I didn’t know much about them at the time other than they led worship up the road at University Baptist in Waco, their lead singer had a really cool goatee and they had a DJ in the band – that made ’em pretty cool in my book.

Check out the band’s new direction and let us know what you think:

Subscribe to their YouTube channel to see/hear new songs as they release them.

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the christmas nines 2011 :: 4.40

it’s time for our (almost-annual) christmas special! this year we’re bringing back “the nines” with readings from the sbpodcast crew and our listeners.

a little background from wikipedia:

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is a format for a service of Christian worship celebrating the birth of Jesus that is traditionally followed at Christmas. The story of the fall of humanity, the promise of the Messiah, and the birth of Jesus is told in nine short Bible readings from Genesis, the prophetic books and the Gospels, interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols, hymns and choir music.

The format was based on an Order drawn up by Edward White Benson, later Archbishop of Canterbury but at that time Bishop of Truro, in Cornwall, for use on Christmas Eve (24 December) 1880. Tradition says that he organized a 10 pm service on Christmas Eve in a temporary wooden shed serving as his cathedral and that a key purpose of the service was to keep men out of pubs on Christmas Eve.

The original liturgy has since been adapted and used by other churches all over the world. Lessons and Carols most often occur in Anglican churches, but also in some Roman Catholic, Lutheran parishes, and Presbyterian institutions. However numerous Christian churches have adopted this service, or a variation on this service, as part of their Christmas celebrations. In the UK, the service has become the standard format for schools’ Christmas carol services.

we hope you enjoy the readings, the music and have a wonderful time with friends and family remembering the birth of our savior.

readings ::

genesis 3:8-19 – jonathan blundell
genesis 22:15–18 – tim jones
isaiah 9:2; 6–7 – laurie blundell
isaiah 11: 1–3a; 4a; 6–9 rob griggs-taylor
luke 1: 26-35; 38 – stewart cutler
luke 2: 1; 3–7 – travis mamone
luke 2: 8–16 – will taylor
matthew 2: 1–12 – thomas mathie
john 1: 1–14 – olwyn matthie

additional greetings ::

pastor nar
miriam mathie

music ::

john wickham – the holly and the ivy
the lower lights – in the bleak midwinter
the argyle project – jesus christ, the apple tree
so elated – redemption
stephanie gray – o come, o come emmanuel
shaun groves – kingdom coming
the lower lights – oh come all you faithful
will taylor – silent night
fields of ypress – heaven’s lullaby
the lower lights – little drummer boy
ben thomas – peace, here
tripp fuller – promise

heatherlyn :: 4.25


heatherlyn is back!

heatherlyn is a nationally touring, soul-roots-rock independent singer and song-artist. her soulful, honest, hopeful voice resonates with people from all various walks of life.

she returns to the podcast to talk about her upcoming album, storydwelling and shares some of the song writing process and the stories behind the music.

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music ::

heatherlyn – be the love

All is Grace

shaun groves
shaun groves

Shaun Groves is getting closer and closer to releasing his latest (crowd-financed) album.

It’s been great watching from a far as he’s blogged about the process from the original song writing, to rewriting, to the recording process and now sharing one of the mastered tracks – All is Grace.

It’s a beautiful track with a simple lyric, reminding us of grace and how we respond.

You have loved us
You have loved us all
You have loved us all so
We love all

You have blessed us
You have blessed us all
You have blessed us all so
We bless all

Thank you for Christ and cross
Through us still wandering
Thank you for making peace
Through us love our enemies

You have loved us
You have loved us all
You have loved us all so
We love all

You have given
You have given all
You have given all so
We give all

Thank you for daily bread
Through us fill the empty
Thank you for bodies whole
Through us mend the breaking

All is grace…

The album releases in August but you can pre-order it now for only $10!

In addition, Shaun just returned from another Compassion Bloggers trip to the Philippines. Be sure and check out all the great posts from their blogging team as well.

shaun groves :: 4.10

shaun groves
shaun groves

this week we talk with shaun groves. shaun describes himself as a communicator who’s known by a lot of titles: singer/songwriter. speaker. blogger. husband. daddy. friend. he feels and thinks deeply and laughs easily. and though he spent a number of years at the top of the CCM charts, he’s now found his voice and passion in being a spokesperson for compassion around the world.

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music ::

shaun groves – sing
shaun groves – kingdom come

amena brown :: 4.2

amena brown
amena brown

this week we speak with poet, speaker and journalist amena brown about her life, her art and her work with the origins project.

from her website:

As a poet, speaker, journalist, and event host Amena Brown’s words excite, ignite and inspire. Whether in front of audiences as intimate as 50 or as sprawling as 20,000, she has something to say that matters.

The author of a chapbook and two spoken word CDs, Amena has performed and spoken at events all over the country such as The RightNow Conference, Thirsty Conference, National Youth Workers Convention, Catalyst Conference, Atlantis Music Conference, and the 2008 National Poetry Slam Competition. She hosts a regular open mic in Atlanta every fifth Thursday at Urban Grind Coffee as well as hosting other poetry and music events.

Along with her spoken word recordings, Amena has participated in numerous professional and live recordings including the Caring Communities documentary, 97.1 JAMZ spoken word ads and a collection of video poems with Bluefish TV and Big Stuf Productions.

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a musical interlude :: 3.47

alight here 0006
alight here 0006

just in time for a new year, it’s another something beautiful musical interlude! our mix this week is from thomas who puts out some pretty sweet mixes of his own from time to time over on his nanolog.

from Thomas:

In preparation for a new year… I give you the sixth instalment in the alight here mixcast series. 2010 was a great year for music and, as such, it is my intention to highlight some new material that has really captured my attention as well as more familiar tracks that have sustained my interest and really grown on me.

All the artists featured are independent musicians… please support them by checking out their music, buying where appropriate, and spreading the word.

Oh and this mixcast is brought to you in conjunction with the something beautiful podcast – we have a “musical interlude” every-so-often and it was my turn… so it made sense to bring the two together.

Enjoy… and please support the artists featured.

music ::

The Breaker Anointing by Shekinah taken from The Wind Lost Its Breath And The Sea Became As Smooth As Glass
Angle Of Incidence by The Echelon Effect taken from Fracture And Fragments
Like A Firefly (Love) by Lowercase Noises taken from Carry Us All Away
Summit by Emmalee Crane taken from Formantine
Light Of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling by The Opiate Mass taken from Volume 2: Albatross (direct download)
Golden Contrails by Cousin Silas taken from Complex Silence 9 – Fresh Landscapes (netlabel release)
Meeting at the utility pole by edPorth taken from Saying vamos and thinking let’s go
Big Sky by Matt Stevens taken from Ghost
Count Your Blessings by The Lower Lights taken from The Lower Lights – A Hymn Revival
Redemption Today by United Harvest Workers Union taken from their self-titled release
Falling Off Trees by Uniform Motion taken from Pictures (netlabel release)
I Will be Silent by Over the Ocean taken from Paper House

(all tracks from bandcamp releases unless otherwise highlighted)

heatherlyn :: 3.41


Heatherlyn is a nationally touring, soul-roots-rock independent singer and song-artist. Her soulful, honest, hopeful voice resonates with people from all various walks of life.

In concert, she leads participants on a refreshing journey of connection – from whimsical laughter together to deeper thoughtfulness about life and love, considering how we each are conduits of peace and hope in our world.

Heatherlyn is currently a 2010 Midwest Regional Finalist in NPR’s Mountain Stage and NewSong Performance Contest.

Heatherlyn says her favorite moments are “when I can’t stop laughing and my gut hurts because of it” and also “when I get to see someone being their true, authentic selves, unabashedly shining their unique light, sharing their gifts to be an enriching, loving presence to all around them.”

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