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This week we discuss our interview with Karen Hammons.

We discuss being hopeful or skeptic about the church, being cheerleaders of people and how our experiences teach us to care for one another.

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Holy Adventure – Bruce Epperly
The Wisdom of Stability – Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

karen hammons :: 5.16

karen hammons

When your husband is arrested and accused of being a sex offender eight years into your marriage, most people would say “Just walk away.”

Not Karen Hammons. She’s lived it.

And through it she’s become a passionate giver of second chances and grace.

She’s a blogger, the mother of two boys and the wife of an accused sex offender. She’s also the founder of The Offender’s Wife, an online community that engages with wives of accused/convicted sex offenders to effectively restore dignity, cultivate courage, and awaken hope. She is also a social media assistant for People of the Second Chance and the leader of their Gracemob movement.

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