frank viola :: 1.18

this week we talk with organic church evangelist, frank viola. frank’s written many books on the growing organic church movement including the most recent pagan christianity? and reimagining the church. he also maintains a very active website and blog with resources to those interested in the church.

we talk with frank about both of these books as well as his background and history with the organic church.

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the light has come

From Pagan Christianity?:

“The Primitive Church had no New Testament, not thoughtout theology, no stereotyped traditions. The men who took Christianity to the Gentile world had no special training, only a great experience – in which ‘all maxims and philosophies were reduced to the simple task of walking in the light since the light had come.”

– B.H. Streeter, 20th century English theologian and biblical scholar.

may we each learn to walk in the light of Christ.

((deep)) :: 1.1

Deep Glasgow, Scotland
Deep Glasgow, Scotland

This episode (our first official episode – YEAH!) we discuss a new emergent community building near Thomas, Pagan Christianity and hear stories from ((deep)), a unique church gathering that Thomas heads up at his church in Glasgow, Scotland.

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