Kari McHam and Jana Vanderburg keep at it

Porcelain Dolls
Porcelain Dolls

Just in time for Valentines day…

Our friends Kari McHam and Jana Vanderburg have just put together a short video detailing some of the work their doing — caring for and loving on the women in Waco’s adult entertainment industry.

As Kari shared on our show last year, through Porcelain Dolls, they’ve built a number of real relationships with the “un-loved” in their community and have witnessed some serious life changes in some of the women as well.

Over the weekend the girls took part in a Valentine’s Day outreach and also recently gave away 3 computers to several girls who are trying to further their education.

Watch the video and consider how you might get involved to help…

Find out more on Facebook, Myspace or donate online.

You can also listen to Kari’s story and Jana’s story on the podcast.

Who in your community needs this kind of love and caring?

kari mcham :: 3.13

Kari McHam

this week we talk with wife and mother Kari McHam, who helps lead a house church in Waco, Texas with her husband Dave. she also co-leads a ministry, Porcelain Dolls that ministers to dancers and workers in the Waco area adult entertainment industry.

from the Porcelain Dolls facebook page:

We are a group of imperfect women covered by the indescribable grace and mercy of a loving God who desire to share that same grace and mercy to a group of imperfect women in hopes of seeing them gain the same freedom we have found through a relationship with a loving Father.

Our vision is to reach out to women who are currently working in the sex industry, and to show them that there is freedom from their past, that they are precious and worthy of love.

Our mission is to encourage and to offer them hope through a non-judgmental relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that they will know they are loved just as they are regardless of where they are in life or where they’ve come from.

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