luke harms :: 5.2

luke harms

this week we talk with US army veteran luke harms.

harms served in both iraq and afghanistan as a member of the US army and then returned to afghanistan as a civilian contractor.

harms shares his unique perspective on the war and the military meta-narrative and the struggle he faced adjusting from living in a combat zone to civilian life.

things to consider as you listen ::

how does harms story compare to the narrative you’ve heard about the wars in iraq and afghanistan?
how did 9/11 shape and inform your theology and ideology?
how has the “army hero” meta-narrative shaped your view of the military?
how has nationalism and/or american exceptionalism shaped your view of the current war on terror?

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tribes pt.1 :: 1.22

happy reformation day!

this week, Thomas talks with Stewart Cutler and they review and discuss Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes. the book focuses on marketing and leadership and both Stewart and Thomas think the church as a whole can learn some very relevant things from the book.

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fred blundell :: 1.7

fred blundell

this week jonathan calls up his dad, fred blundell, to discuss his faith, his walk with God and the impact God has made on his life.

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