national human trafficking awareness month

i am not for sale.
you are not for sale.
no one should be for sale.

january is national human trafficking awareness month. a time for each of us to not only educate ourselves about the issues of modern slavery, but to raise awareness to our friends and family members and to do what we can to end all forms of human slavery.

trafficking is…
to be taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into
slavery for sexual exploitation, sweat shops, child brides, circuses,
sacrificial worship, forced begging, sale of human organs, farm
labour, domestic servitude. 80% of all victims are women and girls,
50% are children.

trafficking is…
where family members and friends deceive parents to release their
them on to local gangmasters or serious organised international
trafficking rings.

trafficking is…
growing. 2–4 MILLION men, women and children are TRAFFICKED
across borders and within their own country EVERY YEAR. more
than one PERSON is trafficked across borders EVERY MINUTE,
which is equivalent to five JUMBO JETS every day. a trade that
earns twice as much worldwide revenue as Coca Cola.

trafficking is…
where victims usually suffer repeated physical abuse, fear, torture
and threats to families to break their spirits and turn them into
saleable commodities. a person can be sold and trafficked
many times.

charles lee and one voice to end slavery offers up 11 practical ideas to combat slavery.

we also invite you to educate yourself :: listen to amanda kloer talk about her life as an abolitionist