Pastor Nar :: 3.24

Pastor Nar

this week on the show we talk with church planter, blogger, podcaster and #outlawpreacher Pastor Nar.

Pastor Nar talks about his upbringing in a fundamental evangelical church and how that contrasted with the relationships he was building with folks on the streets of Hollywood. he also talks about how he ultimately found permission and freedom in following God beyond the traditions of his youth. Nar also tells us some of the history and background behind the #outlawpreacher hashtag and how he got involved.

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music ::
stryper – to hell with the devil
spiritualized – shine a light

one year recaps :: bonus episode

Adrien's first birthday candle

over the last few episodes, stewart, thomas and jonathan have shared some of their favorite moments from the something beautiful podcast.

we’ve complied them together into a bonus episode for your listening enjoyment.

thanks again for listening and we look forward to sharing another full year with you!

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great lake swimmers – i am part of a large family
spiritualized – shine a light
castanets – sway
tripp fuller – in your people

photo from koalie

tall skinny kiwi (andrew jones) :: 2.5

andrew jones serves up some meat

this week we chat with Tall Skinny Kiwi, Andrew Jones, about his emerging faith and how he’s evolved from a street evangelist to an event driven ministery to a real incarnational and relational way of sharing Jesus with others.

we also chat a bit about the tall skinny expedition vehicle.

Andrew has been recognized by many as one of the top Christian/Church bloggers, but he describes himself as ::

Crepe Chef
Video Jockey
Jesus Follower
Badminton Player
Director of Boaz Project
Medium Format Photographer
Missional Cell Developer for CMS

so listen in and then let us know what you think.

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music ::
clive parnell – walk with me
spiritualized – angel sigh guitars (alt.mix )
church of the beloved – given

Advent Christmas Extravaganza :: 1.29

this week we hope you’ll enjoy a break from the norm (if there is such a thing). we’ve put together what we believe to be a steller collection of music and reflections from our listeners around the world. it is a true Advent Christmas Extravaganza.

thanks so much to everyone who participated in the process and submitted Scripture readings and reflections!

contributors ::
johnny laird
alex (aldakila)
rob gt
trucker frank
agnus mathie
stewart cutler family
lindsay cofield
inspire youth
laurie blundell
chad crawford
jay thomas
jonathan blundell
thomas mathie (for getting all the UK organized :-))

music ::
djsiah – trippin
tripp fuller – promise
djsiah – mindspace
sojourn – amen, amen
williamson – cool people make me tired
john wickham – what child is this
sojourn – what child is this
brioskj – dawn of a wonderful day
spiritualized – step into the breeze instrumental (alt.mix)
so elated – stick with you
the singing company – o holy night
john wickham – do you hear what i hear
violet burning – o come let us adore him
so elated – shepherds and angels
brioskj – french kiss
church of the beloved – given
revolution void – weekend amnesia
shawn mcdonald – captivated

hope i’m not forgetting anyone! thanks again and hope you all enjoy!

greg garrett pt.1 :: 1.16

greg garrett

this week we talk with greg garrett, an english professor at baylor university in waco, texas and author of numerous books, including most recently “stories from the edge – a theology of grief.” he serves as writer in residence for the priests and pastors in training at the episcopal theological seminary of the southwest, and as lay preacher at st. david’s episcopal church in austin, texas.

greg talks about some of the difficulties and suffering he’s faced in his life and what he learned through it. he also discusses what he learned about God and suffering while serving as a hospital chaplain one summer in austin, texas.

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music ::
anne weiss – hard time killing floor blues
nowhere boys – in the 21st century
spiritualized – shine a light
jukebox the ghost – hold it in

duncan mcfadzean :: 1.10

this week thomas chats with duncan mcfadzean who’s wrapping up his career in the secular finance world to head a start-up ministry – seven men. the ministry is based around the concept of micro-financing and supporting the marginalized.

from the seven men site:

Seven Men Limited is a new vehicle created to launch, invest in, and nurture small businesses for the purpose of bringing freedom, justice and restoration to the city of Edinburgh and around the world.

By launching a series of businesses across a range of sectors, Seven Men Limited will seek to create a sustainable flow of profits that can be used for good.

july 31st actually marks duncan’s last day at the Bank of Scottland – so have a listen to the podcast and then drop by his site and wish him luck on his new ministry and outreach.

music ::
son lux – break 1
spiritualized – shine a light
solomon’s porch – kingdom come

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