Don Johnson :: 7.4

We all seem to be sharing photos more and more on more and more devices. The technology is changing rapidly but the ideas behind great photography remains.

To find out more, this week we chat with photographer and community journalist Don Johnson.

Don talks about his history with photography and what gives a photo value.


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music – The Owl Named Orion
Red Pools – Senseless Parts i and ii

bruce epperly :: 5.6

bruce epperly

This week we talk with Bruce Epperly. He’s a theologian, ordained minister, blogger and author of several books, including ‘A Holy Adventure’ and ‘Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed.’

During our chat, he shares his thoughts on process theology and what it means to live a holy adventure.

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joy bennett :: 5.1

joy bennett

we’re kicking off 2012 with a conversation with blogger joy bennett.

joy is, ‘a Christian woman writing through grief and loss depression, and the overhaul of my faith in the face of suffering.’

joy’s oldest child was born with severe special needs and passed away in 2008 at the age of 8 and she shares her journey on her blog and this week with the sbpodcast family.

joy describes herself:

I am a writer, mother of four, wife, reader, follower of Christ, bereaved, asker, and lover of rich soil, good food, music, and sunshine, listener… in no particular order. Two of my children were born with serious congenital heart defects, including my first. It was quite an initiation to motherhood. Between the two of them, we’ve been through six open-heart surgeries and countless nights in the hospital. This writer learned to give shots, insert feeding tubes, run i.v. pumps, measure in mLs, and pronounce words like tracheomalacia. I’ve blogged since 2005, writing on faith and doubt, family life (which is always humorous even with the medical spin), grief, and the depression that I only recognized a year after our oldest died at the age of 8.

some questions to ask yourself while you listen ::

what tragedies or crisis in your life have shaped your faith?
what helped you through the crisis?
how can you use your experience to help walk others through their journey?
do you believe that all things are good – even the “bad things” – or do you agree more with joy that “good can come out of bad things?”

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ureiel asher – i don’t know

heatherlyn :: 4.25


heatherlyn is back!

heatherlyn is a nationally touring, soul-roots-rock independent singer and song-artist. her soulful, honest, hopeful voice resonates with people from all various walks of life.

she returns to the podcast to talk about her upcoming album, storydwelling and shares some of the song writing process and the stories behind the music.

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heatherlyn – be the love

tony campolo :: 4.19

Dr. Tony Campolo
Tony Campolo

dr. tony campolo is professor emeritus of sociology at eastern university, a former faculty member at the university of pennsylvania, and the founder and president of the evangelical association for the promotion of education.

he’s also a story-teller extraordinaire and has written more than 35 books and blogs regularly at campolo lives with his wife peggy live near philadelphia and they have two children and four grandchildren.

in our chat with dr campolo, he shares a big part of his family’s story and how it’s impacted his perspective on the world around him… and tells us about a special lady in his life who inspired him to tell great stories.

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music ::

dave andrews – Jesus for prime minister

travis mamone :: 3.10

Travis Mamone
Travis Mamone

Thomas speaks with Travis Mamone, Converse All-Star wearing, indie folk listening, always questioning, book loving, coffee addicted, emerging Christian freelance writer.

This conversation is the second half of a double interview.  In the first part Travis interviews Thomas for his Coffee Chat podcast.

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music ::
cousin silascrystalised steel
cousin silas – newscape 5

Why telling your story matters

NPR shared a memorial about Donald Bordelon this morning. A man reporters met while covering the tragedy in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Each time we called — before Mardi Gras, on Thanksgiving, on Katrina’s anniversaries — Donald and Colleen were at home. Only once did we speak with them when they were out of town. They were in Baton Rouge, forced there by Hurricane Gustav. Soon, though, they went back.

And in the end, it was home where Donald Bordelon spent his last day. He died of a massive heart attack there last week. Colleen was at his side.

And he’s now buried next to his “daddy” — the man who many years ago saved Donald from a flood in their home — then taught him how to return and rebuild.

Listen to the story.

Steve Inskeep says he spoke with Donald’s wife shortly after his funeral last week…

“…She said Donald always felt better when he talked to us – which was surprising because we always thought it was the Bordelons who made us feel better.”

You just never know who’s going to be impacted by your story — or whose story will impact you.

Who are you telling your story to?

Whose stories are you listening to?

(Photo from NPR)

A day full of stories

Telling stories is what our podcast is about.

Shaun Groves offers a great challenge related to the stories we tell from our online and offline relationships…

Spend one day in front of a screen. Get and make lots of phone calls, check your e-mail, blog, update your Facebook page, send some tweets, read some blog posts, listen to a podcast, peruse some Youtube videos. Watch American Idol, Lost, The Office and Thirty Rock followed by some Fox or CNN.

Spend the next day off-line, unplugged, face-to-face with real people, hearing live voices instead of recorded ones. Walk through the woods or around the block or through a crowded mall. Talk to your spouse, your friends, your neighbors. Play with your kids. Smell flowers, watch the sun set, point at shooting stars.

Which day gave you more stories to tell?

Spend the day with your friends and family – face to face. Then e-mail us or call our listener line (972)535-8980 and share your story with us.