tripp fuller :: 4.12

tripp fuller

this week we talk with homebrewed christianity co-host tripp fuller. along with hosting a pretty sweet podcast, tripp helps organize the big tent christianity events, has collaborated on a book with phillip clayton and is working on his PhD in philosophy of religion and theology at claremont graduate university.

tripp shares his story and how it gives him amazing hope for the future of the church any why theology is important to christianity today.

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music ::

in your people – tripp fuller

musical interlude :: 3.23

190610_ Trabant #1 | photo by headphonaught

it’s time for another something beautiful musical interlude! this week we try and mix it up with a little hip-hop, some ambient, dance and acoustic folk.

let us know what you like or what you don’t like. leave us a comment here, or call our listener line at 972-535-8980.

we hope you enjoy it!

music ::
dj schmolli – wonderwall tempest
mr j medeiros – broken windows
moby – one time we lived (matrix & futurebound remix)
kings of leon – use somebody (rac remix)
djsiah – eden
brioskj – gnome ballad
dead heart bloom – here we are
the nowhere boys – old man soil
great lake swimmers – pulling on a line (live)
derek webb – this too shall be made right
tripp fuller – in your people
jennifer knapp – on love
hearts of palm – goldfish
kazoo funk orchestra – baby you’ve no eyes

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christmas nines :: 2.46

it’s that time of year, when all our listeners are invited to join in and help us celebrate the birth of our Savior.

thanks to everyone who joined in with a reading or sharing their Christmas thoughts, reflections and wishes!

we hope you enjoy listening and are able to share it with your family and friends this holiday season.

we look forward to many more great stories and episodes to come in 2010!

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miriam mathie
stewart cutler [twitter]stewartculter[/twitter]
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thomas mathie [twitter]headphonaught[/twitter]
pastor lance spurr
jonathan blundell [twitter]jdblundell[/twitter]
& of course YOU – the listener!

music ::
djsiah – trippin
argyle project – o come, o come, emmanuel
half handed cloud – plant a little fir tree
church of the beloved – given
sojourn – let justice roll (live)
so elated – come thou long expected jesus
william ryan fritch – may all mortal flesh be silenced
the singing company – it came upon a midnight clear
adeline – all the angels
jj heller – star of wonder – we three kings
tripp fuller – remembering
the singing company – o holy night
sufjan stevens – joy to the world

one year recaps :: bonus episode

Adrien's first birthday candle

over the last few episodes, stewart, thomas and jonathan have shared some of their favorite moments from the something beautiful podcast.

we’ve complied them together into a bonus episode for your listening enjoyment.

thanks again for listening and we look forward to sharing another full year with you!

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music ::
great lake swimmers – i am part of a large family
spiritualized – shine a light
castanets – sway
tripp fuller – in your people

photo from koalie

Transforming Theology

Tripp Fuller, Tony Jones and a whole list of of other folks are taking off on a pretty interesting journey.

I’m playing catchup after a week off but as I’ve briefly gathered, there will be a conference in mid-March as well as several others throughout the year and briefly, “The mission of the Transforming Theology network is to tighten the bonds between theology and transformative action in the church and the world.”

Transforming Theology Mission ::

Our goal is an ambitious one: to create the intellectual framework for a progressive religious vision. By forming a broad alliance between the leading scholars and organizations in Christian religion today, we aim at nothing less than to “reclaim the progressive voice.” There are movements on the ground, active in various denominations and schools. Up to this point, however, what has been missing is a uniting intellectual and theoretical vision, comparable to what has emerged from the conservatives…

Beliefs orient communities; they create a sense of common cause; and frequently they motivate persons to sacrificial action. Motivating beliefs of this sort go by many names. They have been called ethical principles, rationales for action, ideologies, and worldviews. In the three Abrahamic traditions they are called “theologies”: beliefs about the world and the religious ultimate that suggest how one should live in the world. In order to guarantee that our project remains pluralistic and non-partisan, we will speak only of “theological models.” We claim that the loss of theological reflection represents a major crisis for the identity of religious communities and for their effectiveness as agents of social change, and we believe that concrete steps can be taken to reintroduce transformative reflection that leads to transformative action. We focus on Christianity, not because it is “truer” than other traditions, but because it is the tradition we know best and on which we can have the greatest influence. Thus our title: “Rekindling Theological Reflection: Transformative Thought for Progressive Action.”

The goal is not to talk about beliefs for belief’s sake. Yet religious beliefs will undeniably play a crucial role if progressive religion is again to impact the world on behalf of social change. The goal is not theory for theory’s sake. But some theoretical framing is required if progressive forces are to have the vision and the sustained commitment to move forward. In the past, progressive religion in America was able to move fluidly from theological models to transformative action, and from praxis in the world to new and richer theological models. We believe it is time to rekindle the organic interplay of religious thought and action. Renewing the justification for action will have general impact on local congregations, denominations, and a variety of progressive networks focusing on social change.

There’s a number of videos and blog posts over on the site and they’re also looking for your input.

In fact, Tripp and Tony are looking for your most pressing ‘God’ question to ask the gathered theologians in March. You can submit them via the comments section on the blog, email, youtube, etc.

And they’re even awarding the most active participants, including a travel stipend to be a special corespondent at a conference in September 09.

So, what is your most pressing ‘God question?’ Share it here and over at

Advent Christmas Extravaganza :: 1.29

this week we hope you’ll enjoy a break from the norm (if there is such a thing). we’ve put together what we believe to be a steller collection of music and reflections from our listeners around the world. it is a true Advent Christmas Extravaganza.

thanks so much to everyone who participated in the process and submitted Scripture readings and reflections!

contributors ::
johnny laird
alex (aldakila)
rob gt
trucker frank
agnus mathie
stewart cutler family
lindsay cofield
inspire youth
laurie blundell
chad crawford
jay thomas
jonathan blundell
thomas mathie (for getting all the UK organized :-))

music ::
djsiah – trippin
tripp fuller – promise
djsiah – mindspace
sojourn – amen, amen
williamson – cool people make me tired
john wickham – what child is this
sojourn – what child is this
brioskj – dawn of a wonderful day
spiritualized – step into the breeze instrumental (alt.mix)
so elated – stick with you
the singing company – o holy night
john wickham – do you hear what i hear
violet burning – o come let us adore him
so elated – shepherds and angels
brioskj – french kiss
church of the beloved – given
revolution void – weekend amnesia
shawn mcdonald – captivated

hope i’m not forgetting anyone! thanks again and hope you all enjoy!

garry brotherston :: 1.26

On the 1st of November 2008, a small group of loyal radicals met for ((deep)) – an alternative worship gathering held in Glasgow… run by members of the Salvation Army (myself included). We were there to meet with Garry Brotherston… a preacher and singer/songwriter with a past and tremendous, God-filled present.

Garry has a story… a real story worth listening to. Brought up in the West of Scotland, his early life revolved around drink and drugs… a life dependent on drink and drugs. In pursuing this life… if life it could be described as… he killed someone. He was young, alone, scared and now in prison for murder.

While in prison, he met God through a small, faithful prison outreach… and through this encounter… he turned his life around. As Garry would freely admit, not through his endeavour but through the Lord’s grace.

He now speaks through out the UK on his life and experiences… and is a very passionate preacher of God’s Word. He knows what the alternative to his current life is… and is dedicated to sharing his story as a means of demonstrating the life changing truth of the Gospel.

He also sings and writes music… his songs are heartfelt and genuine… moving records of how the Lord has changed him and can change others. One song, in particular, is a passionate call to Glasgow… that she may get back to her true motto. From “Let Glasgow Flourish” back to the original motto = “Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of your word and the worship of your name.”

During his talk at the ((deep)) gathering he asks a very pertinent question… what on earth am I doing? It was a challenging evening… challenging for all of us when we consider what we are actually doing for God in our lives. I am grateful to JD for tidying up this audio and for allowing Garry’s talk to be aired… because I believe the challenge should go out to us all… what on earth are we doing? Are we living our faith… or is it something we know but haven’t become? There is always more to do… there is always things to do… but, more importantly, we need to become the truth we stand for. We need to communicate by our very lives the Gospel.

I hope you benefit from Garry’s talk and are challenged by his thoughts. Please leave a comment if you are… or even if you wish to show your support to Garry.

Thomas – 26th November, 2008

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music ::
brian lee and his orchestra – to know your love
tripp fuller – view the present through the promise